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SaaS Marketing for CEOs

How to Get to the Top of the Market and Stay There

Learn how successful SaaS companies go to market, build brand loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value.

This brief guide will give SaaS executives a roadmap for building a great brand, driving monthly recurring revenues, retaining customers and expanding sales. We tell the story of one of the most successful SaaS companies, Shopify, and how it has grown to more than 100,000 customers and 400 employees in less than eight years.

About SaaS Marketing for CEOs

This eBook will focus on the key marketing initiatives that have driven Shopify’s success that any SaaS company can leverage, including:

  • Designing a product that customers will love (and need)
  • Building a network of brand advocates and resellers
  • Creating an outstanding online user experience
  • Reaching out to new and existing customers with helpful content
  • Never compromising on customer service
  • Planning and budgeting for growth and market domination


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