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Boosting SEO by 300% for a Healthcare Company Changing Lives



Company Goals

A healthcare company providing an innovative, life-changing surgical procedure needed to be easily found online by both physicians and patients seeking critical information.  

Partnership with Kuno

Why they partnered with Kuno

Prior to working with Kuno, a healthcare company providing an innovative, life-changing surgical procedure was challenged by how to promote their offerings in an unobtrusive and HIPAA-compliant, but visible way. Kuno Creative understood this client was the perfect candidate for inbound marketing.

Expectations of partnership

Since the company’s inception, its website typically saw only 20-40 visitors per month. The company needed an expert to quickly understand the business and competitive landscape to harness the power of Google search. They selected Kuno as digital marketing partner based on demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the healthcare space. Once Kuno Creative started working with the company, visitor count quickly increased to over 400 per month. 

Benefits Kuno offered

Kuno Creative has served clients in the healthcare sector for more than two decades. Our team is proficient in search engine optimization, in driving visibility through a deep understanding of the complexities of Google search, employing entity SEO and in implementing a custom optimization template designed by our experts. Kuno’s SEO team understood that optimizing the company’s YouTube channel would be a key component to harnessing search traffic. By linking to several pieces of content the content marketing team had already published, Google's decision matrix quickly shifted in the client’s favor.

The Challenge

Prior to the partnership with Kuno, the company didn’t do much in the way of marketing. Brand awareness was needed, but it was important to remain sensitive while not coming across as a cure-all.  The idea was to convey stories and resources around the great percentage of success for patients who were candidates for their surgical procedure.  

To ensure patients who were seeking relief could find the information they needed, without having to sift through medical journals, the company leveraged Kuno’s experience to develop and implement a content marketing strategy. This focused on delivering highly-approachable, accessible blog and patient story content optimized with the highest-ranking keywords based on in-house SEO research. And, strengthening the relationship with a leading social media influencer who had benefited from the company was a direct path to younger patients who might have been unaware this surgical solution existed. 

The Tools Available

The Strategy

The company’s surgical offering had to stand out in the crowded, highly-regulated healthcare space. Kuno SEO experts understood that optimizing existing content to outrank huge competitors like Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic was possible through focusing on best practices for Google search. Additionally, Kuno’s marketing strategists understood that maximizing an existing relationship with a major social media influencer who benefitted from the company’s procedure would raise visibility and increase SEO.  

Services Utilized: SEO and Brand Strategy

The more qualified traffic Kuno could drive to the company’s informative website and educational blogs, the more visibility the company would realize, and the more potential patients connected with the specialists they needed. It began with implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that aligned with Google’s ever-changing updates. Kuno’s experts are not only on the leading edge of techniques, but also create customized solutions for SEO and inbound marketing challenges. The credo 'more keywords equals more rankings which equals more traffic' worked perfectly. 

The Results

The critical Physician's Directory page performance exceeded expectations. Within one quarter, there was over 700% growth in organic traffic with a considerable 3.2 minutes time on page, and over 160% growth in organic keywords indexed by Google. 

Another major victory was capturing the #1 position on Google for the company’s exact offering. Our team of experts provided solutions that enabled this mid-sized company to beat out major medical facilities, medical journals, universities, Wikipedia and other higher domain authority (average 90/100) sites. 

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Even with a domain authority score of just 9 (per Ahrefs), the power of enhanced SEO made a world of difference to patients seeking help from our client. 

Finally, website traffic continues to climb, with an average of over 1,000 monthly sessions, which can also be attributed to the strong social media influencer partnership cultivated by Kuno’s inbound marketing strategists. 



Within one quarter, there was over 700% growth in organic traffic and over 160% growth in organic keywords indexed by Google.
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