Website Development Services

Web Application & CMS Development to Drive Efficiency & Growth for your Business

You need web applications that integrate seamlessly, create an optimized buyer journey and deliver excellent performance—consistently. Our highly experienced team of web operation strategists and developers ensure your vision for turning prospects into customers is executed seamlessly.

Web Development Services

Our web development process provides impactful, highly scalable and cutting-edge web application development solutions to help you build brand awareness, automate functionality, and create a secure, seamless user journey.


Types of Website Operations Support

Front-end Development

You want the best user experience for your customers. Our UX/UI and custom web design company works with you to ensure the components of your application or website are visually appealing, highly-functional, intuitive and align with your user stories.

Back-end Development

Collaboration is key to understanding your business requirements, the type of web-based application to be developed, and the features and integrations to be included.

Once the project requirements and technologies are agreed upon, we ensure our codebase is scalable so that further modifications can be done without having to rewrite the code from scratch.

eCommerce App Development

If you want to launch or optimize your eCommerce business, our experts can help to not only incorporate the latest industry trends in the application, but innovate them through headless commerce, a disconnected storefront from the backend, and an intuitive user interface that can be scaled easily to meet customer demands.

We also help you identify cross sell and upsell opportunities that complement, and don’t disrupt, your user’s experience.

HubSpot Operations Hub Development

HubSpot continues to extend its functionality and flexibility to allow developers and marketers to use their tools in ways that were either very difficult or impossible before.

Our website operations team of seasoned HubSpot experts keeps a finger on the pulse for the latest features and functionality improvements so we can guide our clients in every way HubSpot can be leveraged to achieve their goals.

Web App Development

From organization training portals to patient portals for healthcare businesses, we incorporate the strongest-available security features and most intuitive user experience strategies to meet your business objectives.

Mobile Application Development

Sometimes it makes sense to give users a separate mobile experience for your application. Whether your app is used across multiple devices or mobile-only, we can ensure that your users are able to have a consistent experience on their Android and Apple devices.

Website CMS Development

Our team members are experienced working with many content management systems, including HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify, even custom headless CMS. You tell us your goals and we’ll tell you your options and their trade-offs so you can be assured that you’ve made the right decision for your business.

Support, Integrations and Consulting

WebOps Platform Consulting

With ever-increasing options available, it can be hard to know which tools, languages and technologies you should use to be scalable and functional into the foreseeable future. Once we understand your goals, we will recommend a preferred solution, as well as other options as well as their benefits and trade-offs.

Systems Integration

Often, our clients use various platforms to manage contacts, customers, products and data. We can help you integrate your systems to increase efficiency, usability, adoption and improve outcomes.

Website CMS Migration

There are many reasons why you may want to move your website from one CMS to another. We make the process seamless and stress-free, while ensuring that no data or systems are left behind.

Continuous Support and Evolution

It’s imperative for businesses to evolve to stay ahead of the competition. As trends change and new technologies are introduced to the market, Kuno can help you look forward, providing security updates, consulting and support every step of the way.

Technologies We Use

You will want to work with a team versed in both modern and established languages and tools. This allows us to solve almost any problem, whether the project requires integrating with a legacy system or codebase, or building an entirely new application from scratch using the latest technologies.

  • Golang
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Python / Django
  • Node
  • Nuxt
  • Next
  • Gatsb
  • Vue
  • React
  • Angula
  • JavaScript
UX/UI Design
  • Adobe
  • Figma
  • iOS / Swift
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • Kotlin
  • Ionic
DevOps Tools
  • Nagios
  • Digital Ocean
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Prometheus
  • Ansible
UX/UI Design
  • Adobe
  • Figma

Web app development process

Our experience allows you to reach your goals faster with the proper tools and strategies in place for success.


Step 1

Gather Business Requirements

The first step in the web design and development process is to know more about your business and your goals. For this, we arrange a one-to-one conversation to discuss pain points, business requirements and baseline data. We can help you conduct an audit to find opportunities for improvement.


Step 2

Understand Your Users

Our next step is to understand who your users are, their goals and how your app will provide value to them. It may not always be possible to conduct user journey testing and interviews prior to launching your app, but we still want to gather all available data to best understand your user stories so that we provide them an optimized, frictionless user experience.


Step 3

Application Architecture & Tech Stack

After understanding your goals and requirements, as well as the needs of your users, we offer recommendations for an optimal tech stack. This includes everything from the programming languages and frameworks used to develop the code to database types and schemas. When planning application architecture, we aim for peak performance while keeping app structure as simple as possible.


Step 4


We develop your codebase using the chosen tech stack and complete unit testing in an agile methodology. This makes handling code and any errors more manageable.


Step 5


As features are developed, we deploy them into a testing environment. We follow Agile methodology, dividing our web development projects into a series of sprints. We develop code for each sprint and release it for testing. Development and automatic testing are done simultaneously to accelerate productivity and reduce overload on either team.


Step 6


Once we are satisfied with the testing results and the behavior of the website or web app, the code is pushed to the repository where the source code is initially uploaded. The code is then locked and deployed to the production environment for you and your users to use the application. Our team offers ongoing support to ensure any technical glitches are easily addressed and fully resolved.

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