Brand Strategy Services

Branding for Buyer Loyalty

As your company grows, your brand identity may need to shift. Or your brand may need to expand to launch your organization into a new market. Whether you need to enhance your brand messaging, freshen your visual identity or even create your brand experience, Kuno’s team of experts at our brand strategy agency can help you establish strong and effective branding strategies. We assist in discovering your brand's needs, creating a brand strategy playbook, and providing a comprehensive project proposal to differentiate your brand from competitors and create an emotional connection with your target audience.

Brand Strategy Services

Branding Strategy Services for Every Stage of Growth

Building a Brand Strategy

Green Circle Growers was looking to create a brand around their easy-watering process for Phalaenopsis Orchids. By simply adding three ice cubes once per week, the flowers were easy to maintain and enjoy.

Kuno worked with the company to create the brand Just Add Ice Orchids that spoke to their target audience. Conducting market research was crucial in understanding the target audience and crafting compelling messages. This concept was also applied to other plants including money trees, poinsettias and more. The relationship grew to include several website iterations, content campaigns and an e-commerce platform.

Company Growth Through Brand Positioning

When completed its clinical trials and was ready to go to market, the company had little marketing collateral and minimal web presence. The Rapid name had equity in the healthcare space, but we wanted the brand to own its cutting-edge AI differentiator to drive business growth.

Through our robust discovery process, it was determined that it would be best to change the name from to RapidAI, and Kuno would redesign the website, logo and branding guidelines to support the rebrand.

Enter New Market

One of the world’s largest chemical companies was looking to enter the eMobility market, and turned to Kuno for a campaign branding exercise. The target market included designers and engineers who were creating new solutions for electric vehicles everyday. We wanted to capitalize on that idea of lofty ambitions.

After researching the space, performing numerous customer interviews and digging into SEO opportunities, Kuno presented a brand strategy with clear value propositions, campaign messaging and imagery, paid media recommendations and an ABM approach for both tiered and OEM markets. This strategic framework was rooted in comprehensive brand research and behavioral sciences to establish a distinct edge over competitors through the brand's positioning.


An integrated workplace management services platform was experiencing rapid growth and acquired three additional companies. To portray their new offerings to buyers, the company wanted to establish the parent brand and its new product brands by finding commonalities in logo, colors and usage patterns.

A thorough brand portfolio analysis was conducted to examine the brand's portfolio, identify successful strategies, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Kuno worked to provide clear updates and direction for the new company look, including variations of logo use, a new color scheme, imagery and photography for each product brand, all while aligning with the parent company and its established buyer journeys.

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Our Branding Strategy Process


The discovery process allows for brand creation from the consumer point of view. Defining your brand is extremely important: your brand is seldom what you may perceive it to be. Understanding the external, as well as internal, aspects of your brand is essential to unlocking your brand’s particular tone and style.

We collect, analyze and report on: 

  • Mission & vision
  • Customer experience
  • Key products & services
  • Research & analysis
  • Culture & history
  • Business strategy & goals
  • Competitive landscape


During the strategy process, all the information collected through discovery informs initial brand strategy and approach. A clearly defined brand strategy is pivotal for driving business growth and performance. It serves as the framework that allows your brand story to be positioned in an organized way to achieve consistent messaging and tone as understood by your current and future customers or clients.

Here we develop your company’s:

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand positioning
  • Value propositions
  • Social media strategy
  • SEO strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Website strategy


The brand identity process is where your brand takes shape, focusing on voice and visual appearance. Establishing your brand’s personality is an important step toward being able to engage your audience.

Are you warm, strong, approachable or technical?

This is the time to explore these options based on the work performed in the discovery and strategy phases.

In this stage, we develop: 

  • Company/product logo design
  • Tagline
  • Personality
  • Voice & tone
  • Key messaging
  • Visual mood
  • Brand guidelines, including visual & messaging style


Activating brand awareness for internal and external teams through brand guidelines allows everyone to write, create and detail your brand story consistently. This helps attain the buyer response you intend to foster.


  • Website
  • Email
  • Video
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Interactive digital content

Marketing Collateral

  • Business stationery
  • Trade show
  • Advertising
  • Packaging


The work is not done yet! Now that your brand is being heard and seen by an audience, it’s time to see if your brand is being received as intended. Understanding your potential customers’ response to your brand allows you to modify, shift and refocus established marketing efforts.

Remember, branding is an ongoing process of refining how consumers are responding to your products or services.

Your brand is never truly complete, so we analyze:

  • Web traffic & conversions
  • Social media feedback
  • Sales team feedback
  • Leadership feedback
  • Consumer feedback
    • Surveys
    • Testimonials
    • Social media performance
    • Sharing or not sharing content
    • Email response pages

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