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Business leaders often recognize the necessity of a dedicated RevOps solutions provider. They believe that the key to business success is not just more sales or more revenue. The true answer is sustainable revenue growth, which is achieved by understanding your complete revenue cycle.

With our RevOps services, we help you streamline, align processes, and provide insights throughout your customer journey, enhancing the overall experience. This creates a consistent, repeatable process for achieving sustainable revenue growth.

The Importance of RevOps Solutions for Your Business

Understanding the benefits of RevOps solutions is crucial for modern businesses. While the term may sound trendy, the practice of analyzing revenue processes and platforms is foundational. Here are some advantages of having optimized RevOps:
Improved revenue
Improved revenue through specialized RevOps services
Streamlined tech stack
A streamlined tech stack optimized for your needs
Aligned processes
Aligned processes across departments, ensuring seamless operations
End-to-end customer insights
End-to-end customer insights, providing a holistic view
Marketing-sales & service
Marketing, sales & service teams unified under a revenue generation goal

The Proven Impact of RevOps Strategies

HubSpot Onboarding with Expert RevOps Solutions

HubSpot onboarding helps national nonprofit organization scale

The organization provides a variety of membership options. Their marketing team needed a way to promote and nurture members to grow into higher membership tiers. They wanted an easy tool to track, nurture and engage with their varying segments.

As a newer organization, they had no CRM and no way to segment and reach out to members in a targeted way. The experts at Kuno knew that HubSpot provides the best option to address their needs and their audience. 

Through comprehensive HubSpot implementation and onboarding, an implementation of marketing hub and marketing contacts set-up, coupled with a Zapier platform integration, Kuno enabled the organization to truly manage and grow their membership.

Streamlined Business Unit Implementation

Sales enablement propels success for safety technology company

A global technology client wanted to implement business units, configure teams and permissions and recognized they needed sales enablement training. They were managing the sales process from spreadsheets and it was difficult to standardize processes with proper oversight.

The Kuno team quickly assessed that HubSpot Business Units would help both the North American division and the Europe division stay GDPR compliant and provide separation of data in their HubSpot portal.

By approaching the solution through business units, Kuno saved the client from needing two enterprise portals, allowing for better tracking capabilities and saving $76,800 annually. They are now able to work from one centralized CRM to improve time spent, effort and tracking — setting them up for scale.

Advanced Data Enhancement Strategies

SaaS provider increases inbound conversion rate by 30%

A SaaS provider and long-time Kuno Creative client came to us with the goal of finding ways to improve their inbound conversion rates and operational efficiencies, while better reporting on their successes. Kuno performed an initial audit, which helped identify updates to the RevOps process.

We implemented a data enrichment tool on key conversion points and hidden fields on forms to better track and attribute source information.

By simply streamlining their lead routing process and putting the most engaging tactics in place, the SaaS provider saw significant improvements — 30% — to their operational efficiency and inbound conversion rates, all without having to spend an additional dollar.

Marketing and Sales Automation with RevOps

99% reduction in time spent performing tasks through automation

An ecommerce payment solution platform asked Kuno to help provide visibility across their marketing, sales, account management and partner programs to accelerate their revenue growth processes in a booming market. After a robust review of goals, priorities, roadblocks and opportunities, each department now has the tools at their disposal to do their jobs effectively and focus on Revenue Operations (RevOps) to protect and grow their company’s margins.

Marketing now delivers accurate and timely information to the sales team, sales acts on that information more quickly with increased insight and well-structured incentives, the partner team is better equipped to close partnerships as well as help service the sales team with co-selling opportunities, and the account management team then takes those closed deals and benefits from increased bandwidth to effectively onboard and manage clients, enhancing both relationships and revenue.

With a 99% reduction in time spent performing tasks that are now automated, the result is a cohesive team working in sync and a fully-optimized flywheel that the client team now confidently manages and can readily scale for the future.

Seamless Migration and Implementation of RevOps Solutions

Environmental consulting firm eases workload with an organized tech stack and roadmap to a better functioning database

The client wanted a CRM that was easy to use, with simple automation tools. They wanted to save their team time by taking daily administrative tasks off their plate and letting them focus on their jobs.

They were using an outdated legacy CRM that was causing confusion and making it difficult for people to do their jobs. Because of this, they were accumulating bad data, hampering the functionality they needed to scale their business and meet company goals. Further, they were creating roughly 200 activities across their sales team.

Kuno helped the client migrate from Quickbase CRM to HubSpot CRM. Through training, implementation of a sales process and automation of sales and outreach sales pipeline touchpoints, they now have a database that is set-up for scale, and a much easier to use CRM with clear sales processes. This automation saves about 6.5 hours per day that can be allocated to selling rather than administrative work, positively impacting revenue.

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What is RevOps?

RevOps, or Revenue Operations, encapsulates services and strategies to support the customer lifecycle in sales. As a leading RevOps solutions provider, our focus is on leveraging technology and platforms to enhance internal team processes, ensuring visibility throughout the revenue acquisition process. The ultimate goal? To optimize the entire revenue journey for your business.

This focus on operational efficiencies helps you optimize your complete revenue journey, from acquisition and selling to closing, service and reporting.

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