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Increase brand awareness, capture qualified leads and help your sales team. When comparing and selecting the best digital marketing companies, it is crucial to consider reviews, ratings, and data points to make an informed decision. Selecting the right digital marketing company based on client needs, budget, and service focus is essential for achieving your marketing goals.

Our Story

Kuno Creative is an employee-owned digital marketing agency, continuously on the frontlines of buyer engagement. Our mission, doing marketing that matters, helps companies like yours make the world a better place. This mission penetrates our daily lives and well-being, and, ultimately, enables us to help clients achieve measurable results. Partnering with the best digital marketing company is crucial for achieving business success and leveraging the latest services, solutions, and technology.

Because every employee is an owner in our company, we know your success is truly our success.

Originally founded as a traditional marketing and branding agency in 2000, our people have powered our growth into a global digital marketing agency and a Diamond HubSpot Partner. Now fully remote, we hire only the top talent across the country. We’ve come together to push the limits of what our clients can achieve. Over the years, we have evolved into a successful digital marketing company offering services such as custom website design and conversion rate optimization.

Meet our digital marketing professionals

What makes our digital marketing strategies different?

Our passion stems from our people. We value diversity and believe that different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives are what make us a stronger and more capable team of marketers. Each and every one of our employees adds to our inclusive culture of creating marketing that matters.

We blend our strengths together, combining our business experience and creative minds to bring the best ideas to the table and drive results for our partners. Our team stays updated on trends in the digital marketing industry, allowing us to develop effective strategies that keep our partners ahead of the competition.

Our People

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Brianne Carlon Rush


Brianne works with Fortune 500 and cutting-edge clients to strategize digital marketing efforts that help sales teams close deals faster. Additionally, she focuses on Kuno’s sales and marketing alignment and employee empowerment. Prior to Kuno, Brianne helped market OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, and was the youngest person to be promoted to managing editor position at MacFadden Performing Arts Media in NYC.

Daniel Ulichney


As VP of Creative, Daniel has firmly ingrained forward-thinking practices throughout Kuno's in-house design, video and UX departments for more than 15 years. Since joining Kuno Creative in 2003, he has successfully helped hundreds of companies evolve and grow their brand presence and experiences through design, copywriting and multiple marketing strategies.

Chris Knipper


Chris founded Kuno in 2000 as a traditional marketing and branding agency and has since grown it into a leading global digital marketing agency that’s helped hundreds of companies accelerate their growth. With a background in sales, marketing and technology, Chris is on the frontline of creativity, pushing the limits of what our clients can achieve.

Vanessa Knipper


Vanessa helps Kuno clients achieve their business and marketing goals with her many years of experience in both traditional and inbound marketing strategies. Her success stories span industries from medical device clinical research to photofinishing and camera brands, and one of the largest orchid growers in the U.S., assisting them in winning business against national competitors.

Shannon Barnes


Shannon works with clients from community hospitals to international and multi-billion dollar corporations in a variety of industries to develop and execute their inbound marketing strategies, focusing mostly on HubSpot ROI. Before Kuno, she spent 10 years in the online recruitment industry in a variety of roles ranging from marketing and sales to quality assurance.

Jarrick Cooper


Jarrick holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in marketing/management and has 15+ years of marketing and media experience for startups and established B2B and B2C companies in various industries, including specialty manufacturing and high-end real estate.

Debbie McKiernan


Debbie manages Kuno’s human resources department and accounting. She helps develop valuable key reports for our management team, as well as guide the recruiting and interviewing process. Before joining Kuno, Debbie worked for The Iams Company ​for 10 years, helping launch, promote and sell cutting-edge therapeutic diets in the veterinary marketplace.

Jim Van Hise


Jim’s nearly 20 years of experience helps him build clients’ digital brands. He has worked at startups and Fortune 500 companies, including The Pittsburgh Post Gazette and OverDrive. He is a graduate of The Art Institutes and an active member of UXPA, AIGA and International Design Foundation.

Autumnn Embrey


Autumnn is a graphic designer who creates websites, social media assets and print materials. She understands the importance of hitting the target market and always keeps the user experience in mind. She excels in aesthetics and maintains great client relationships. She previously served as a graphic designer and artist for companies such as HubSpot and TOMS and earned her BFA in Communication Design at Texas State University.

Bridget Cunningham


Bridget uses her journalistic experience to successfully engage with technical minds. Prior to Kuno, she managed the blog program and assisted with social media efforts at COMSOL, a high-tech engineering company that offers multiphysics software solutions.

Matt Nagel


Matt uses marketing automation and data insights to help nurture leads into customers and deliver an overall optimized buyer experience. He has extensive professional experience developing, executing, and analyzing marketing processes and campaigns. Matt organizes and leverages client tech stacks to reduce friction and ensure the highest ROI is realized.

Paula Zimmer


Paula's background in digital marketing strategies helps Kuno clients reach their goals. With experience in technology, software and startup marketing, she is never at a loss for new ideas to help drive KPIs. Paula holds a Master’s of Science degree in strategic marketing and has worked with brands such as Toshiba and Things Remembered.

Shaun Kanary


With several years of marketing & sales experience for both the Cleveland Clinic and John Deere, Shaun brings a wealth of healthcare, consumer goods and industrial B2B marketing experience to Kuno Creative. Additionally, Shaun is a recognized authority in digital marketing and advertising as a respected college professor at Lorain County Community College, a professional speaker and columnist.

Walt Winchel


Walt uses his skills to take websites to the next level with the latest design trends, all while creating a user-friendly aesthetic. Prior to Kuno, he worked as marketing/art director for the Morning Journal, as well as a studio manager at Signum Design. Walt holds a BFA in Visual Communications and a Minor in Advertising.

Annie Zelm


Annie is the driving force behind content strategy for clients. She uncovers insights about what motivates buyers and uses that knowledge to shape client websites and editorial calendars. Annie brings several years of PR experience gained from working at the amusement park, Cedar Point.

Annie Callahan


Annie works with companies to strategize and execute successful paid marketing programs. She has 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. Prior to Kuno, she helped develop and manage marketing strategies for Citizens Bank and Nationwide Insurance. Annie is a Google Certified Professional and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Kaitlin Mowry


Kaitlin uses her skills to support the team in various aspects including design, technology and marketing strategy. She is a solution-focused individual who uses her design background to help clients achieve their creative vision. Kaitlin holds a bachelor’s degree in design from Cleveland State University.

Alexis Jaffe


Alexis thrives in fast-paced, KPI-driven environments and her career path is proof. Prior to her arrival at Kuno, Alexis led marketing automation execution for global technology provider, MRI, as well as RRD, a Fortune 500 communications firm. She is also invested in community engagement, serving on the leadership council of Engage! Cleveland.

Skyler Haines


Skyler has an interdisciplinary background in marketing design, photography, digital and print media. Combining creative business strategy and a focus on user experience with a modern design aesthetic, he has collaborated with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and small startups for the last decade.

Jennifer Malins


Jennifer uses her journalism background to capture client narrative and translate it into marketing that matters. In her role at Kuno, Jennifer writes SEO-rich copy focusing on sustainability, healthcare and more. Prior to joining Kuno, she was a VP at a literacy nonprofit.

May Johnson


May uses her Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service background to deliver strategic operation enhancements to improve the bottom line. As a certified project manager, her focus is to execute an efficient technical implementation of the software and all solutions across all revenue-generating departments to achieve success.

Lisa Famiglietti


Lisa is proud to be a Jack of all trades with having years of experience in video production, social media management, event planning, client services and project management. She is excited to help clients reach their goals and drive their business forward.

Courtney Compton


Courtney uses her background in marketing automation and digital marketing to help clients fully leverage the capabilities of their marketing automation platform. She also provides strategic recommendations and technical support to our clients. Courtney holds a Master’s in Science in Marketing.

Clare Hennig


Clare is a strategic writer and content creator, specializing in digital storytelling. She brings together years of experience in the newsroom with a mission-driven attitude from non-profit marketing. Clare has lived, worked, and studied in 11 countries, and now calls sunny California home.

Jami Schneider


Jami has 15+ years of experience in both traditional and inbound marketing strategies. Since joining Kuno Creative in 2006, she has helped clients in a variety of industries develop and implement successful strategies to achieve their marketing goals.

Alexia Carcelli


Alexia assists the creative team with a variety of print and digital assets, utilizing her skills to create user-friendly projects with modern aesthetics. She holds a BA in design, a minor in Promotional Communications, and a Multimedia Advertising certification from Cleveland State University.

Brent Sirvio


Brent brings a marketing strategist's perspective and an incisive eye for language to ensure all content deliverables for Kuno's clients are compelling and accurate. Prior to joining Kuno, he had several roles in digital marketing, from web development and support to account management to HubSpot onboarding and implementation to content strategy and copyediting. A member of ACES, Brent holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a MA from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN). Sisu.

Christine Williams


Christine is an account manager who uses her 12+ years of marketing and project management experience to help clients reach their ultimate goals. She loves to use her background in data analytics to drive their business forward.

Laura Stoiber


Laura uses her knowledge of social media strategy to create unique and engaging marketing campaigns. She has experience in SEO, SEM and all things digital marketing, which allows her to bring in new ideas. Prior to Kuno, she worked for an agency running various social media programs for a variety of industries. Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Management.

Louis Lakatos


Louis is an advocate for SEO throughout the organization working cross-functionally to increase overall search rankings and traffic, manage the development of technical SEO implementations, and monitor changes in page rankings. Louis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Clinical Neuroscience) and a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology.

Amy Wise


Amy is an advocate for SEO throughout the organization working cross-functionally to increase overall search rankings and traffic, manage the development of technical SEO implementations, and monitor changes in page rankings. She previously worked as a digital marketing specialist at Grow! by ERG, project manager at SiteToWordPress, marketing executive at FGM Internet Marketing, and a visual interpreter at Aira.

Jeremy Ball


As a Fulbright Scholar and Crossfit coach Jeremy is passionate about teaching. As a Marketing Automation Specialist, he brings years of experience working with Hubspot building and driving campaigns. He holds a BA in Economics and a BS in Economics from the University of Louisville.

Brittany Nader


Brittany uses her journalism experience to tell stories that make an impact. Before Kuno, she worked as a Content Marketing Specialist for several brands. She freelances as a producer and writer for Northeast Ohio's NPR station and has won several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Chintan Gor


Chintan holds a master's degree in Computer Application, and has over 12 years of experience in custom software development and executing large-scale projects. He oversees all development projects and several teams, delivering lasting solutions to mid- to enterprise-level companies.

Jaykishan Kacha

Solution technologist / Architect

Jaykishan is a proficient programmer, able to develop logic both on an application and database level. A capable software architect with experience on Linux, Ubuntu and AWS, he is an ideal team leader.

Siddharth Thumar

Project Manager

Siddharth is very efficient in delivering quality products and always thinks from both a business point of view as well as user experience. A strong communicator with a clear understanding of any project requirements, he capably handles multiple teams and supports the partnership with Kuno Creative. He takes particular pride in demonstrating project prototypes, allowing clients to feel confident in the end product.

Kajal Boda

Full Stack Developer

Kajal has a can-do attitude, thinks proactively and provides valuable input and action points. She has earned her reputation for a high level of caring and dedication to consistent, quality work. She brings the work environment to life and motivates others on the team to excel.

Ishva Soni

Full Stack Developer

Ishva is an efficient, effective team player and developer. She is fast working, while also able to readily and easily understand project requirements and nuances. She is a difference-maker on this team.

Nirav Soni

Front-end Developer / CMS specialist

Nirav designs user-facing web applications based on what clients are looking for with regard to both style and functionality. He is a proficient front-end developer with a knack for understanding his client's needs and creating unique, attractive designs.

Kevin Karkar

Full Stack Developer

Kevin is very committed to client satisfaction. He is adept at understanding project requirements and turning documentation into working applications.

Archit Patel

Technical Project Manager

Archit is a process-oriented professional with strong experience in project management. He efficiently manages teams and constructs detailed work plans that deliver results. He is an accountable strategic liaison between eSpark and Kuno.

Dee Salvador

SEO Manager

Dee's 8+ years of SEO experience have played a pivotal role in boosting organic rankings and traffic for multiple businesses. Her technical, onsite, and offsite SEO skills and empathetic approach toward client KPIs have led to strong partnerships.

Jason Little

RevOps Specialist

Jason is a certified Revenue Operations professional with a penchant for building sophisticated sales and marketing automation systems for more than a decade. By leveraging his background in design along with years in technical environments, he’s developed an innate ability to simplify the abstruse.

Bill Rickman

Quality Assurance Associate

Bill assists the Kuno team, building web pages and testing completed websites to ensure a seamless user experience. Bill holds a BA in Communications from Marist College and prior to joining Kuno, he honed his editing, writing, and marketing skills at Dealer Tire, Belt Publishing, and PR Newswire.

John Sharpe

Sales Executive

John is a marketing/sales professional with 7+ years of experience, from the Fortune 100 to higher-ed, healthcare, and tech. He has a passion for meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. With an Accounting MBA background, he focuses on driving marketing revenue and ROI for clients.

Tony Piunno

Marketing Strategist

Tony uses his experience in B2B marketing to help clients elevate their digital marketing strategy. His expertise in product marketing brings a keen understanding of inbound marketing tactics, content creation, and branding. Tony holds an MBA, specializing in Marketing, from John Carroll University.


Collaborate. Exceed expectations. Build relationships as partners.
Help every individual reach their full potential.


Share success. Advocate for clients. Take initiative. Innovate.


Take interest. Earn respect. Analyze actions to improve.
Deliver quality. Take pride in our work.

Our culture

At Kuno, passion is necessary, talent is nurtured and opportunities are given. Going above-and-beyond the standard is expected and successes are celebrated. We believe in creating a digital marketing agency where people want to come to work.