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Taking an Inbound Approach to Industrial Marketing

Traditionally, industrial companies have found success through investing in sales reps, tradeshows and cold calling potential customers. But cold calling is becoming dramatically less effective—most business people don’t answer their phones and, if they do, are not looking to buy at that moment.

It’s time to turn cold calls into warm calls through inbound marketing that establishes brands as thought leaders in the space and helps sales reps sell to decision-making committees. Marketing automation also helps sales reps reach prospects where they are online at the time they intend to purchase.

Digital Marketing Services to Support Manufacturers

With years of hands-on experience delivering manufacturing marketing solutions, our innovative in-house team shortens the learning curve and equips clients with streamlined industrial marketing strategies focused on shortening sales cycles and increasing revenue.

We’ve been longtime partners to many organizations in the manufacturing sector because of our level of expertise, our ability to process data and, most importantly, our reputation for delivering results.

Why Investing in Manufacturing Marketing Services Makes Sense

Industrial manufacturing is necessary. When industrial manufacturers make the decision to invest in marketing services like search engine optimization, content creation and paid advertising, they not only increase the amount of traffic to their website and gain a leg up on the competition. This type of digital presence also helps move prospects down the sales funnel faster.

Compared to other sectors, sales cycles in the industrial sector tend to take longer to complete. This can be attributed to the complex nature of the purchasing decision, from the high stakes of the transaction to the number of stakeholders involved in the conversation. With an integrated digital marketing strategy, manufacturers can provide businesses with the information they need to better understand and evaluate their products/services, and streamline the decision-making process.

Strategic Industrial Marketing Approaches

Effective industrial digital marketing begins with a clear understanding of one’s niche customer base. Through a mix of research and interviews, manufacturing companies can create semi-fictional representations of their target audience — otherwise known as buyer personas — and use this as a foundation to have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers alike.

From there, the next step is to weave these insights into an integrated inbound marketing strategy. Guided by key manufacturing business initiatives, companies can use a combination of content marketing, demand generation and growth-driven design tactics to connect with their audience and support their overarching goal. With KPIs defined, businesses can measure the success of their industrial marketing efforts and identify opportunities for further growth in the future.

Partner with Us for Industrial Marketing Services & See Results

Pairing our understanding of the manufacturing industry with comprehensive digital marketing services, we've successfully helped industrial clients innovate and achieve sustainable market growth. The examples below provide a glimpse into the results we've delivered as an inbound marketing agency.


Safety Device Manufacturer Lowers Cost Per Qualified Conversion

An employee safety monitoring company needed to raise brand awareness and thought leadership while increasing website traffic and delivering more qualified leads to its sales team. By developing buyer personas, a strategic content and paid media strategy, Kuno distributed lead nurturing campaigns that appealed to each persona at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Over six months, website traffic increased by 164%. Conversions increased 1,522% while cost per conversion decreased 2,047%.

Fastener Supplier Sees 40% Increase in Website Traffic

Big Bolt, an emergency specialty bolt manufacturer, partnered with Kuno to revamp their website, branding and marketing strategies. Through Kuno's expertise in website design, SEO and content marketing, the manufacturing business achieved a 40% increase in site traffic as well as a significant boost in leads, resulting in thousands of dollars in new business.

Notably, Big Bolt moved from no ranking to position 3 on Google for the key search term 'Bolt Failure,' demonstrating the effectiveness of collaboration to enhance their online visibility and market presence.

Connector Manufacturer Increases Quote Requests by 1,800%

Kuno worked with Amerline, a connector manufacturer, to successfully pivot their branding and website to accommodate its new industrial product line. With the right strategy, user experience and marketing tactics, Amerline was able to tap into new markets and enhance lead generation through organic search traffic.

While increasing website traffic by 450%, the client experienced a 2.5x increase in contacts from organic search compared to direct traffic in the first quarter alone after the new website launch.

Connector Cords Manufacturer Achieves Substantial Organic Growth

After one year, organic traffic increased by 327%, keywords ranking on the first page of Google went from 27 to 157 (a 482% increase), and new organic contacts increased by 61%.

While increasing website traffic by 450%, the client experienced a 2.5x increase in contacts from organic search compared to direct traffic in the first quarter alone after the new website launch.

Don't Let Sales for Your Manufacturing Company Go Cold

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