Your HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Partner

HubSpot Sales Hub has the power to make jobs easier, drive productivity, support customer connection and successfully scale sales organizations. But the ROI an organization sees all starts with a successful implementation and onboarding process.

As an accredited HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation partner, Kuno Creative knows what it takes to make clients successful on their new platform. We help organizations with dozens to hundreds of Sales Hub seats maintain clean databases, easily manage contacts, and use optimal reporting and automation tools.


Why Clients Choose Kuno for Sales Hub Implementations


Experts in Solving Complex Problems

Our team is highly skilled in solving complex problems that require out-of-the-box strategies and exceptional technical skill. From business unit implementations to configuring relevant teams and permissions, we’ve got you covered.


HubSpot CRM Implementation Accredited

We’re experienced in successfully delivering large-scale, complex HubSpot platform implementations. The rigorous vetting process for HubSpot accreditation is a nod to our technical proficiency and our commitment to client satisfaction.


Flexible Partnerships

We see ourselves as an extension of the organizations we champion. Our team collaborates internally and with clients to deliver real results faster. At the same time, we remain flexible enough to adapt to business needs as they evolve.


Employee-Owned Team

As an employee-owned company, all our team members are invested in client success. Thinking like business owners, we put in the time and work to go above and beyond the expected and continuously innovate. After all, our clients' success is ours, too.

What Our HubSpot Sales Implementation Process Looks Like

Phase 1:

Strategy & Process

We’ll set up the technical aspects of the HubSpot portal, identify goals and needs with key stakeholders, map out processes, consult data and data structures, and audit the current tech stack.

Phase 2:

Execution & Training

We’ll introduce larger teams to HubSpot, develop custom training modules, implement automation and tools, create reporting to track KPIs, and document key pieces of the implementation process.

Phase 3:

Optimization & Support

We’ll finalize training, adjust processes based on user activity, optimize and develop new reporting as needed, create automation based on user input, and hand-off the necessary documentation.

Darcy White
Blackline Safety

“I have a 25+ year career in Marketing and have worked with agencies of all types. Kuno is by far the best I've worked with. They have been beyond supportive, have helped elevate our entire marketing presence from digital, web development, design, sales enablement (and accountability), CRM development and training through HubSpot ... I can't speak highly enough of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs a HubSpot Sales Hub Seat on Your Team and Who Can Be View Only?

Sales representatives and sales managers should have HubSpot Sales Hub seats. Seats may also be beneficial for team members responsible for aligning sales and marketing efforts. The same is true for customer success managers in cases where post-sale activities are closely tied to sales efforts.

View-only access in HubSpot Sales Hub is recommended for team members at the executive level who want visibility into metrics, dashboards and reports. This level of access is also beneficial for customer support team members who might want to view sales data to support the customer journey.

When Should HubSpot Operations Hub Be Added to Sales Hub?

In some cases, the complexity of an organization’s operations may call for automation workflows that extend beyond standard sales processes. HubSpot Operations Hub offers advanced automation that can help businesses manage sophisticated workflows across departments and enable intricate conditional actions. Operations Hub also has more advanced analytics tools that can provide added insights and custom reports.

As a business grows, scalability challenges can emerge. This is another scenario where investing in Operations Hub can be beneficial. With advanced features, a business can ensure their systems and processes are able to handle larger volumes of data and user interactions.

What’s the Best Way to Communicate With a Large Sales Team About New Sales Tools?

Effective communication about new sales tools, like HubSpot Sales Hub, is critical to successful adoption. Businesses will want to have well-organized and accessible documentation that highlights the purpose, features and benefits of their new tools. It’s also beneficial to conduct live training sessions where team members are encouraged to ask questions and can get immediate feedback. All these measures help ensure early adopters have a positive experience with the new tools and can become their advocate.

How Much Internal Support Is Needed When Launching HubSpot Sales Hub?

Launching Sales Hub generally requires a combination of internal and external support. For a successful implementation, you need to ensure you have buy-in from key stakeholders and cross-functional team involvement to support alignment and adoption. An external partner can step in to support data migration and integration, training and onboarding, customization and configuration, and ongoing support based on feedback.