Consumer Services Marketing

Helping Market Your Consumer Services

To attract and maintain consumers’ attention, your company needs to not only stand out with a strong brand, but excite emotions and provide clear incentive to purchase. We know how to get to the heart of what buyers need and how to ensure your brand is top of mind.


What is Consumer Services Marketing?

By understanding the challenges, vulnerabilities, emotions and habits of your target buyers, Kuno can help you dream up creative marketing campaigns to grow your contact list, increase brand awareness and strengthen your bottom line.

These goals are accomplished through an integrated strategy that may include content creation, paid social, paid search, SEO and UX tactics customized to help you better convert consumers into buyers.

Why is Consumer Services Marketing Important?

Whether for leisure, culture or quality of life, consumers have numerous options to obtain anything they need. Your consumer services digital marketing strategy can make the difference between becoming a go-to brand and a “never-heard-of-’em” brand.

An effective consumer services marketing campaign communicates how your organization sets itself apart from its competition through a variety of channels. This ongoing dialogue with your audience helps develop relationships with prospects or customers and educates them about your brand during various points in the buyer’s journey.

Driving Results for Consumer Services

Through numerous consumer services partnerships over the years, we have developed deep expertise in consumer messaging, audience targeting and digital innovation. Our reputation for delivering results helps consumer brands grow through our creative strategies.

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Lawn Care Company Increases Organic Leads 181% With Website Redesign

Our research showed customers saw all lawn care treatments as interchangeable. Without knowledge of the value of each treatment, there are fewer chances to connect with users and earn their business. We knew we had to find a creative way to educate individuals on the different types of lawn care treatments while getting them to convert quickly.

lawn care company

Our new website design featured new FAQs, customer reviews, pricing page and resource center, resulting in organic leads increasing 181% year-over-year and the session-to-conversion rate increased from 1.4% to 2%. With customer sales at an average of $450 ($1,350 customer lifetime value) and a close rate of 49%, this translates to a worth of $270 per lead.

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Real Estate Investment Company Decreases Cost Per Lead with PPC

Company leaders wanted to get more value for their money and efforts, in addition to having more transparency into their demand generation efforts. They wanted access to regular reporting to determine whether current efforts were successful. They partnered with Kuno Creative to help improve their results and bring down costs.

Facebook targeting optimization over eight months produced a 35% decrease in cost-per-click, 65% increase in conversions, 355% increase in reach and 55% increase in clicks.

house real estate company
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Inbound Marketing Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost & Shortens Sales Cycle

While the organization had past success with traditional marketing tactics, customer acquisition costs (CAC) were still high. With plans to expand service to additional metropolitan areas, it was necessary to move budget dollars from traditional marketing channels to digital channels with a focus on content marketing and targeted advertising on search and social platforms. The combination of demand generation and content marketing proved to be extremely successful.


Analyzing year-over-year (YoY) comparisons, there was a 42-month decrease in the sales cycle with half of the new sales, a 24% decrease in customer acquisition cost while services were expanded to three new locations, and a 95% YOY increase in bottom-of-funnel sales offers.

Kuno Helps Market Consumer Services

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