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Higher Education Is Changing

With fewer students applying and even less showing up on campus, plus increasing operating costs, education institutions have numerous challenges to overcome in the next few years. These institutions face unique marketing challenges, including the need to diversify student and faculty ranks, and address areas such as access, affordability, student support, innovation, diversity, inclusion, and community.

Marketing doesn’t have to be one of them. Kuno has worked with large universities to attract more potential students to their websites and generate leads for more information about online degree options and freshmen sign-ups. We’ve developed a proven process for this massive undertaking. Can your institution afford to wait?


What is Higher Education Marketing?

Higher education marketing helps institutions modernize their website design with a focus on user experience — creating clear pathways through the site for generating prospective student leads by leveraging content marketing and comparing it to traditional marketing methods.

A comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both traditional and digital methods is crucial for maximizing reach and engagement.

Search engine optimization has also become an imperative way to drive students through the (physical or digital) doors of your college or university. Kuno has helped universities drastically improve search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and leads who may have not applied to the institutions otherwise.

Why is Higher Education Marketing Important?

In such a competitive industry, it is imperative your higher education institution’s website appeals to digital natives (Gen Z). Higher education marketers face the challenge of making their websites accessible and engaging to this tech-savvy audience. Personalized communications are crucial in engaging prospective students, as the new generation expects highly segmented, personalized messages.

Without a clear plan for driving relevant organic traffic, converting prospective students into leads and providing the right information at the right time, your institution may not be able to overcome the numerous challenges facing colleges and universities in today’s educational landscape.

Driving Results for Higher Education Organizations

We’ve been longtime partners with higher education organizations because of our level of expertise, ability to process data, and, most importantly, our reputation for delivering results for higher ed marketers. Student engagement plays a crucial role in achieving these results, ensuring better performance and outcomes in online learning and content production. See how we are helping them succeed with digital marketing strategies.

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University Converts 190% More Contacts With Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the market and the value it could provide students of all types, this university set a goal to increase awareness of their online degree programs. They partnered with Kuno to first redesign their website, consolidating content onto a single domain, thus improving the user experience. After launching the new website, the team focused on growth-driven design, advanced SEO services, and search engine marketing to improve search results.

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Over a 12-month period, the university achieved a 190% increase in new contacts, 45% increase in website traffic and a 39% increase in top 100 keyword rankings.


New University Website Achieves 89% Increase in Leads & New Top Channel for Traffic

One university worked with Kuno to move its website to HubSpot, which helped accomplish its goal of making it easier to manage the site and its content. Higher education institutions face unique challenges in attracting students and faculty, making it crucial to blend traditional and digital marketing strategies. The importance of university marketing in optimizing lead generation cannot be overstated, especially in the competitive admissions landscape.

Through our discovery process, UX recommendations and technical execution, we were able to help them conserve existing SEO equity and increase contacts and conversions. After the site launched, the team spent the next year further improving SEO and UX.

In one year, the higher ed institution generated 89% more contacts through the website, increased blog traffic by 61%, improved its SEO health score 29 points, and saw organic overtake direct as the top source of traffic.

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Inbound Marketing Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost & Shortens Sales Cycle

While the organization had past success with traditional marketing tactics, customer acquisition costs (CAC) were still high. With plans to expand service to additional metropolitan areas, it was necessary to move budget dollars from traditional marketing channels to digital channels with a focus on content marketing and targeted advertising on search and social platforms. The combination of demand generation and content marketing proved to be extremely successful.


Analyzing year-over-year (YoY) comparisons, there was a 42-month decrease in the sales cycle with half of the new sales, a 24% decrease in customer acquisition cost while services were expanded to three new locations, and a 95% YOY increase in bottom-of-funnel sales offers.

Stay Ahead with Effective Higher Education Marketing Strategies

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