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Drive Targeted, Qualified Leads to Your Sales Team

It’s imperative you take a data-driven approach to sparking interest in your company’s products or services. To do so, Kuno uses search engine marketing to immediately drive targeted, quality traffic to your site with the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of leads marketing hands off to sales.

Proven Value of Sales Enablement

PPC Decreases Cost Per Lead Decrease

A New York-based real estate investment company needed a paid search agency to get more value for their budget, in addition to having more transparency into their demand generation efforts. The initial goal was to get their cost per conversion down, as it was higher than desired at $150 per lead. Within eight months of working with Kuno, the company saw:

  • 35% decreased cost per acquisition
  • 65% increased conversions
  • 355% increased reach
  • 55% increased clicks

Social Media Advertising Drives Revenue

A medical device company chose to work with Kuno based on our extensive healthcare experience. The goal was to use digital marketing to drive brand awareness and generate leads in the kidney care space. Utilizing content marketing and Facebook advertising, the company saw:

  • 6% click through rate (industry average for B2B is 0.78%)
  • $5 cost per conversion (industry average for B2B is $24)
  • 746 new contacts

Facebook Ads Deliver Immediate Sales

A power connectivity solution provider wanted to re-engage users who did not complete their purchase on their website. Kuno recommended an abandoned cart ad through Facebook efforts.
The campaigns generated:

  • $590,000 in immediate sales
  • 6,931 Clicks To The Website Via Facebook Ads
  • 1.5 Million People Reached Via Facebook Ads
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Our Search Engine Marketing Process

Demand generation utilizes multiple paid media platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, native advertising, influencer marketing and more to generate targeted traffic for your campaigns right away, leading to immediate traffic and conversions.

As a Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, we leverage our relationships to continuously test and optimize your campaigns, ensuring the best results possible. We go past “vanity” metrics and report on numbers that help evaluate your return on investment.

Prior to implementing a paid media plan, we perform a PPC health assessment to learn the structure of your account, organization of campaigns and performance of current ads vs. competitor ads. We also look at how your keywords are performing, as well as your paid social strategy. After the assessment, we make recommendations, then implement your new strategy and continue to monitor and update the campaign as necessary.

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