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Medical Device Manufacturer Creates Buzz with Content Marketing and Demand Generation

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Company Goals

To raise awareness of the brand and current events affecting kidney care professionals.

Company Vision

Provide researchers and clinicians with measurement solutions to improve their outcomes and results.

Partnership with Kuno

Why partnered with Kuno

A medical manufacturer partnered with Kuno Creative for a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, including content creation, sophisticated retargeting and demand generation efforts.

Expectations of partnership

What initially began as an effort to generate new leads for a line of cardiothoracic surgery products, has grown to include work on several other product lines including hemodialysis, OEM, and research.

Benefits Kuno offered

Kuno provided a comprehensive content marketing strategy that helped the client connect with and educate audiences about a timely topic that could affect the future of their practice. Combined with our demand generation expertise, Kuno was able to help our client reach a wider audience, generating more leads and allowing for greater brand recognition.

How To Drive More Qualified Leads

A medical device manufacturer first partnered with Kuno to help generate more qualified leads through an inbound marketing program for its line of cardiothoracic surgery products. Their marketing efforts consisted of campaigns and materials produced by the in-house team. However, they found that they wanted to reach a larger audience with targeted content and campaigns.


The Strategy

Services Utilized: Content Marketing and Demand Generation

A sweeping set of initiatives — the Advancing American Kidney Care initiative — aimed at reducing kidney failure, increasing the number of kidney donations, and making more treatment options available to dialysis patients. 

While the initiative seems like a good step forward on its surface, it is set to have many consequences for patients, dialysis providers, and kidney care professionals. 

To raise awareness of the initiative as well as the brand, Kuno along with client-provided subject matter experts, created a two-part campaign consisting of a downloadable eBook, an interactive webpage, and short promotional video ads. 

In the first piece, How the Advancing American Kidney Care Executive Order Could Affect Dialysis Clinics, Patients and Kidney Care Professionals, the Kuno team took a deep dive into the initiative and the state of kidney care in the United States. The goal of this piece was to raise awareness of the potential impacts of the Advancing American Kidney Care initiative; raise awareness of the state of kidney care in the United States; raise brand awareness

As a companion to the eBook, the team also created an interactive webpage that compared kidney care in the United States versus the rest of the world. At the bottom of the interactive page, we placed a CTA to download the eBook. 

To promote each piece, we created a series of ads to run on Facebook, which ran for 90 days. We targeted nephrologists and dialysis nurses by job title and interest. 

medical manufacturer

Results: Over $25K In Influenced Revenue

Industry Expertise

This campaign helped the client cement their reputation as an industry thought leaders. They received positive feedback from kidney care professionals around the country that the content was informative and helped them better understand the initiative and how to prepare.

Influenced Contacts

Overall, the entire campaign influenced over 3,000 contacts and generated nearly 200 new contacts (this number is independent of the Facebook ad statistics). 

marketing improvements

The Ads Resulted In

Clicks to Website

An additional 17,833

Click-through Rate

6% (industry average for B2B is 0.78%)

Cost Per Conversion

$5 (industry average for B2B is $24)


Increased by 746

Influenced Revenue

Over $25,000

Influenced Contacts

Over 3,000

Client Quote

“Kuno has helped us improve every area of our marketing from content creation to demand generation and SEO. We’ve been able to get in front of our target audiences with valuable, helpful content and build trust.”

VP of Marketing, Medical Industry

Future Vision

Kuno is now a valued part of the medical device manufacturer’s marketing team, providing support, feedback and ideas to help the client meet its goals.

Going forward, we plan to continue promoting this company through demand generation and content creation like blog posts, downloads and interactive content, which will help continue to establish them as an industry thought leader and innovator. Our goal is to incorporate video into their marketing strategy to target busy physicians and other healthcare professionals.

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