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We Understand the Healthcare Industry

As patients and buyers become more digitally savvy, so must your marketing efforts. But the healthcare industry has been notoriously slow to innovate.

We have helped healthcare systems, physician groups and medical manufacturers better understand their target audiences and communicate with them in a modern, humanized way—through clear UX, easy scheduling and modern technology.

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What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing refers to helping healthcare systems, physician groups and medical manufacturers increase their contact list, acquire more patients and ultimately grow their business. These goals are accomplished through an integrated strategy that includes content creation, paid social, paid search, SEO and UX tactics that are customized to help you better communicate with your audience. 

The success of a healthcare marketing campaign is measured through specific metrics that are aligned with the key performance indicators (KPIs) most important to your business.

Why is Healthcare Marketing Important?

Healthcare marketing is critical for sustainable growth in a fast-evolving industry. Through an effective healthcare marketing campaign, you are able to accurately describe how your organization sets itself apart from its competition through a variety of channels. This ongoing dialogue with your audience helps develop relationships with new patients or customers and educates them about your brand during various points in the buyer’s journey.

Digital Marketing Examples in Healthcare

We’ve been longtime partners to many healthcare organizations because of our level of expertise, ability to process data and, most importantly, our reputation for delivering results. See how we are helping them innovate.

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Attracted Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeons

One medical manufacturer had a specific audience of cerebrovascular neurosurgeons, of which there are only a few hundred in the United States. While Facebook advertising was not the obvious answer, the Kuno team created video ads focusing on the key product messaging, driving leads to visit a landing page for more information. There, a product handbook was available for download.


Within three months, 30% of the audience had interacted with a sales team. Our Facebook ads alone drove 32 submissions and 29 new contacts.


Drove More Patients Through Hospitals' Doors

This regional healthcare system needed to attract more patients. Through a sophisticated SEO strategy and creative display ads distributed to a regional audience, the hospital saw a 110 percent organic traffic increase in one year.

They also saw 406% increase in keywords ranked in Google’s Top 100 in one year, and 532 phone calls requesting an appointment.


2,247 New Contacts Created for Physicians’ Group

Video marketing and an on-point search-driven blog strategy led to a record number of form submissions for this physicians’ group, creating 2,247 new contact records in the marketing database. Kuno is currently working to implement an innovative scheduling bot that will improve efficiency and delight patients as they enter convenient care locations.


Physicians’ Group increases conversions 150% through SEO-Driven blog strategy and video marketing.


Empowered Prosthetic Patients

One prosthetic manufacturer wanted to empower new and current patients to take an active role in their care through outcomes. Kuno created and promoted video ads to a regional audience on Facebook. In 60 days, $400k in revenue is expected from those leads.

In 60 days, $400k in revenue is expected from Facebook leads.


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More than 80 percent of internet-connected adults have searched online for answers to their health questions. Additionally, healthcare professionals need convenient ways to stay abreast of medical developments and technology. Yet many healthcare companies shy away from creating online content because of their industry’s extensive regulations.


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