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As buyers and patients become more digitally savvy, healthcare digital marketing strategies need to adapt. Yet, as a highly regulated industry with complex decision-making processes, healthcare companies have traditionally been slow to innovate. Partnering with a digital healthcare marketing agency like Kuno Creative can help you move the needle faster.

We have helped medical device companies, healthcare systems and physician groups better understand their target audiences and connect with them through the right messaging, user experience and tools. At the same time, as a HubSpot partner, we’ve worked closely with healthcare organizations to help them get familiar with and get the most from a powerful marketing automation and sales enablement platform. Our team of experts knows how to help optimize your tech stack, enable key integrations and support HIPAA compliance.

What Are Healthcare Marketing Services?

Healthcare digital marketing, or medical industry marketing, is a strategic, integrated strategy that helps healthcare organizations increase leads, acquire more business and spur growth. These goals are accomplished through content creation, paid media, SEO, UX optimization, marketing automation and sales enablement or revenue operations tools that drive acquisition and revenue.

The success of digital marketing for healthcare is measured by metrics that align with the KPIs that matter most to your business. Website traffic, lead conversion rates, customer acquisition costs and revenue cycle length are just a few examples.

Why Are Healthcare Marketing Services Important?

The healthcare market is expanding, and with good reason. Marketing has become critical for healthcare organizations to distinguish themselves in a competitive space and achieve sustainable growth. Effective marketing leverages a variety of channels to extend your reach and impact. This ongoing dialogue with your target audience fosters relationships with prospective new patients, customers and staff, educating them about your brand at points throughout the buyer’s journey.

As a hub for data, automation and engagement, HubSpot is a powerful tool for supporting these efforts. While customizable integrations with EMRs can enable more personalized engagement, these integrations need to be executed in a HIPAA-compliant manner to protect sensitive data. When these needs are balanced, the value of healthcare digital marketing services only grows.

Examples of Successful Healthcare Marketing Services

As a veteran digital marketing agency, Kuno Creative has been longtime partners with many healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers. We’re proud of our reputation for expertise, ability to process data and, most importantly, delivering results. See examples of our work below.

neuro surgeons

MedTech Company Increases Organic Contacts By 1373%

RapidAI was ready to move from clinical trials to the market, but they had a minimal website presence and few marketing materials. They partnered with Kuno to rebrand, revamp their website and develop materials to help demonstrate how AI can be a powerful tool assisting in clinical decision-making and reducing time to treatment. These initiatives were supported by a strong SEO strategy.


RapidAI achieved the top Google ranking for “stroke software” and time on page increased by 177% six months after the website relaunch.


Medical Device Manufacturer’s Campaign Influences $25,000 in Revenue

A medical device manufacturer set out to raise awareness of a new kidney care initiative alongside their brand. Kuno worked with client-provided subject matter experts to strategize and develop multiple content pieces related to the initiative. A series of ads ran for 90 days to promote each resource to targeted nephrologists and dialysis nurses.

The entire campaign influenced over 3,000 contacts and generated nearly 200 new contacts, as well as $25,000 in revenue.


Healthcare Company Boosts SEO by 300%

A provider of an innovative, life-changing surgical procedure wanted to promote their offerings in an unobtrusive, visible and HIPAA-compliant way. To reach patients, Kuno developed and executed an SEO-driven content strategy that featured accessible blog and patient story content. A partnership with a major social media influencer further supported visibility and SEO.


Within one quarter, there was over 700% growth in organic traffic and over 160% growth in organic keywords indexed by Google.

How to Stay Ahead with Healthcare Marketing Services

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Digital marketing and healthcare can — and should — go hand-in-hand. As your partner, we’ll keep you informed of the latest healthcare digital marketing trends, develop strategies with these variables in mind and position your organization for long-term growth. With experience in your field and expertise in the HubSpot ecosystem, we can effectively equip your team and help your organization scale.


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