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Tech Marketing

Helping Tech Companies Grow

Successful tech companies often grow so quickly, in-house resources are stretched thin. While your team is top-notch, they may not have time to expand their skills—especially when it comes to digital strategies for tech marketing.

Work with an experienced tech marketing agency that gets it. We understand the rapid nature of the tech industry, we speak the language and we know what it takes to elevate digital marketing programs for companies like yours.


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Driving Results for Tech Organizations

We’ve been longtime partners to many tech organizations because of our level of expertise, ability to process data and, most importantly, our reputation for delivering results. See how we are helping them innovate through our tech marketing strategies.


Workplace Experience Company Sees +46% SQLs

The Kuno team developed buyer personas through interviews and keyword research then used that information to launch consistent branding and a content strategy that constantly generates organic visits and conversions. Email campaigns help further nurture qualified leads, turning half of all demo video viewers into customers. Additionally, by optimizing the organization’s HubSpot portal, Kuno helps capitalize on what is working in real time.


These strategic, combined digital marketing efforts led to a 96% increase in marketing qualified leads, 46% increase in sales qualified leads and a record year for sales.


Logistics Software Website Garners Big Results

An integrated logistics company hadn’t invested much in its marketing efforts, and it showed, especially on its website. It was outdated with no SEO strategy and no conversion points to capture leads. After taking a deep dive into SEO and branding initiatives, a new website garnered huge improvements in both website traffic and conversions.

Following the launch of the website, the software company saw major increases in website traffic and conversions, which can be directly attributed to 11 new customers
in just six months.


Marketing Automation Helps Land Customers

The client already had a well-established contact database but wanted to keep existing clients engaged and remind them to make better use of the company’s on-demand services. The company also wanted to increase awareness of a new technology and turn longtime prospects into customers. With Kuno’s assistance and HubSpot’s marketing automation platform, the company sent a sequence of emails with highly relevant content introducing new technology and inviting customers to request a demo. 


The email campaign triggered increased software demo requests, and the company closed 13% of those requests into customers.

Kuno Can Help Grow Your Company

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