Meet 3 Tech Companies Using Social Media Right

Tech Company Social Media: 3 Businesses Doing It Right

By Bridget CunninghamJul 27 /2021

When you consider that 73% of marketers value social media marketing as somewhat or very effective for their business, it’s no surprise that technology companies want to get in on the action. This incentive, however, is often paired with hesitation.

Let’s say you’re a provider of a cloud-based cybersecurity solution. On paper, your service may not feel like a very “social” topic. You might also be unsure of what to post, as you don’t want to give away too much information about your software. Maybe you’re just strapped for time in an age where everyone wants to ensure their data is secure.

No matter where your focus is in the technical world, social media can and should be part of your tech marketing strategy. Here are three innovative tech brands with the right idea.

3 Tech Companies Using Social Media Right

1. Intel

While laptops, servers and technical equipment are what Intel is known for, the company’s social media presence aims to put another side of their business into the spotlight: their people.

Some of the faces you’ll see are those of customers. Take Trinity Mouzon, the cofounder and CEO of Golde, which offers a line of superfood products. The story Intel shares through its social channels highlights how Intel’s products have helped her keep up — in her own words. This creates an emotional connection with other entrepreneurs who have been in or are in her shoes.


In other instances, the employees who build and operate Intel technology are the focus. One example of this is the “Do Wonderful Spotlights.” Jacob Krakauer, for instance, is a systems engineer for Intel, but he also uses his love for 3D printing to create prosthetics for children. This feeds back into a human-centric theme that shows how Intel and its employees are giving back.


2. Salesforce

Customer testimonials can go a long way in moving prospects down the sales funnel. In fact, 89% of B2B marketers consider them to be the most effective marketing tactic. So naturally, Salesforce, a provider of cloud-based software, made video testimonials part of their social media strategy  — what they call “360 in 60.”

In these 60-second video clips, satisfied Salesforce customers share their experience using the platform — bringing its benefits into focus. For instance, Austin Niemic, the EVP of Rocket Companies, talked about how the shift to working from home was simplified with Salesforce. Specifically, he calls out how Salesforce is a huge piece of what makes his organization hum.


While customer words can be powerful, the video format Salesforce has taken makes the content more digestible and provides added context around how the service works. Not to mention, videos are also easier for your target audience to share, extending the reach of your efforts.

3. Zoom

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies are designed to be feature-rich to help companies scale.

Just as important as the features themselves is how well they are communicated to customers. Zoom does an effective job of covering these bases through its #ProTip social media series.

In the #ProTip example below, the highlighted Zoom feature is breakout rooms, which lets teams split off into smaller groups mid-meeting to collaborate. Alongside dynamic visuals of the breakout rooms from the viewpoint of meeting attendees, a screen recording walks through the steps of how meeting hosts can make use of this feature in the software. Bringing together the front end and back end of the experience paints a more holistic, helpful picture for customers.


While promoting software features to help Zoom customers get the most out of their investment, the #ProTip video series also offers tips on how individual users can optimize their experience. For instance, in one #ProTip video series, Zoom shows how someone can blur their background on a video conference call.


When you roll out new and enhanced features that give users added flexibility, social media can offer an easy way to communicate their benefits and keep individuals informed. This can also function as an incentive for users to upgrade their software, whether it’s a matter of downloading the latest version of the software or switching to a more advanced plan that boosts your bottom line.

Make Social Media Part of Your Tech Marketing

Did you know that 86% of consumers in the market for IT products use social media to help them decide on a purchase? Or that 1 in 3 customers turns to social media to seek advice or communicate with a business?

Taking a page from the book of the tech companies highlighted here, tech brands like yours can transform social media channels into useful resources for prospects and customers alike:

  • Stories of customers and employees humanize your brand to prospective customers while showcasing real-world successes that can move leads down the sales funnel
  • Tips on how to utilize the software, in combination with new product announcements, provide added value to customers and function as a proactive form of customer service

As a digital marketing agency, Kuno Creative has years of experience helping tech companies successfully strategize and execute their digital marketing efforts — with social media being just one piece of the marketing puzzle. To learn more about how we can help advance your efforts, request a free consultation.

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