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Consumer product brands often experience one of two challenges: They get some sales upon launch but don’t know how to get in front of the masses, so their brand never really takes off. Or they have a successful first few years, but ultimately experience a plateau in sales.

We understand how to get your products in front of the right people at the right time, appealing to emotions, all to amplify your bottom line. Work with Kuno to create loyal customers and grow your consumer product brand.


What is Consumer Products Marketing?

Consumer product marketing focuses on the wants and desires of buyers to ultimately sell more products. Experienced marketers know you must tap into consumers’ emotions through an integrated strategy, which often includes content creation, paid social, paid search, SEO and UX tactics.

Through proper targeting, messaging and personalization, you can convert consumers into buyers.

Why is Consumer Products Marketing Important?

The competition for consumer products is intense. Consumers must understand immediately why they should choose your product over the competition’s, all the while feeling an emotional connection strong enough to part with their money.

Knowing how to get your consumer products in front of buyers, communicate your quality to them, use branding and messaging to appeal to their emotions, and making it easy to purchase is paramount for the success of your consumer brand.

Driving Results for Consumer Products

Some of our longest partnerships have been with consumer products brands. We have developed deep expertise in driving demand and digital innovation. Our creative strategies enable consumer product brands to experience exponential growth.

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Flower Retailer Enjoys 200% Increase in Sales

This large greenhouse wanted to identify the best times and methods to drive customers to make purchases. With this challenge in mind, Kuno designed a strategy using content marketing, SEO and demand generation that would push the right plant products out of the greenhouse at the right time.


In just three years, the sales increased by 200%. Additionally, their contact database increased by 42% and organic search increased by 34%.


Camera Manufacturer Increases Contacts By 259%

Looking to get more people in their database, this global camera manufacturer took part in a lead generation strategy. We developed a demand generation promotion through Facebook and Instagram ads that included video ads and static images targeting their primary personas.

In less than four weeks, there was a 259% increase in the contact database. The ads reached more than 600,000 people and the company saw a 227% increase in social post engagement.

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Inbound Marketing Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost & Shortens Sales Cycle

While the organization had past success with traditional marketing tactics, customer acquisition costs (CAC) were still high. With plans to expand service to additional metropolitan areas, it was necessary to move budget dollars from traditional marketing channels to digital channels with a focus on content marketing and targeted advertising on search and social platforms. The combination of demand generation and content marketing proved to be extremely successful.


Analyzing year-over-year (YoY) comparisons, there was a 42-month decrease in the sales cycle with half of the new sales, a 24% decrease in customer acquisition cost while services were expanded to three new locations, and a 95% YOY increase in bottom-of-funnel sales offers.

Kuno Helps Market Consumer Products

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