Why Do I Need an Expanded Team
to Implement HubSpot?

Whether you’re familiar with HubSpot or just getting started, our experienced onboarding team at Kuno can provide the resources you need to work quickly and effectively, while offering access to best practices that will help take your sales and marketing to the next level.

We’ll take the guesswork out of implementation and provide a customized level of service that fits with your existing internal company resources.

Benefits of a Comprehensive HubSpot Utilization

It’s important to build a strong foundation by getting the technical aspects of the software set up correctly and by understanding the fundamental methodologies behind inbound marketing. Important questions should be asked during the process so that your initial setup will support your goals with a long-term vision and not be recreated over and over due to short-term requests and reactions. 

Common topics and challenges for analysis include data integrations and imports from existing systems. It’s important to provide users and teams with the appropriate access levels based on roles and to have the proper field mapping and contact segmentation in the Hubspot customer relationship management (CRM) database.

How will you create, manage and report on the ROI for various campaigns? How will sales pipelines be built and what automation will need to be in place to support the sales, marketing and service teams?

  • HubSpot implementation
  • Data integrations and CRM setup
  • Database segmentation
  • Campaign setup, monitoring and reporting
  • Pipeline design and reporting

Depending on your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), we’ll develop a customized process that fits your industry and business model. We’ll provide a team that has experience  working with hundreds of other HubSpot users so you’ll have access to their knowledge and best practices.

Here are some examples of what you can expect from our HubSpot onboarding services:

  • A dedicated team from Kuno for strategy, management and implementation
  • A process, project plan and schedule based on your needs
  • Strategy and conversations about personas, content and conversion paths
  • Importing of contacts, prospects and other data
  • Documentation about sales and marketing alignment, including service level agreements 
 for the delivery of leads from marketing to sales
  • Creation of calls-to-action, forms, personas, database segmentation lists, etc.
  • Building of email templates and automated workflows
  • Setup of custom report dashboards and analytics
  • And much more

What Happens at the End
of HubSpot Onboarding?

Once your technical setup is complete, our team of experts will ensure you have access to the necessary resources so you can get the greatest possible value from the HubSpot platform. At this point, you’ll be ready to take your marketing to the next level with your own internal resources or you have the option to further engage with the Kuno team.

What Sets Kuno Apart
From Other Agencies?

Execution Beyond Consultation

Various consulting packages can be purchased directly from HubSpot. The service packages from Kuno go beyond consulting. During the engagement, Kuno executes and implements the strategies.

Proven Track Record

Kuno has been a HubSpot certified partner since 2009. We create award-winning work for numerous clients in many industries including healthcare, industrial, technology and consumer and professional services. You can see some of our success stories here.

Our Team is HubSpot Onboarding Accredited

Our team members are all passionate and knowledgeable in their own rights. Everyone at Kuno earns numerous HubSpot certifications throughout the year. As a company, we hold 36 certifications. Together, our creativity and digital marketing capabilities are amplified. As an employee-owned company, we’re a team of talented, business-savvy people who’ve come together to help you achieve your goals and produce results.


We present a plan based on research and experience but remain agile by making recommendations and updates based on data. That way, every dollar of your budget is used to achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective ways.

Strong Mission

Our philosophy of doing good work to help like-minded businesses grow is what has earned us the trust of hundreds of clients over the years. Our dedicated team never stops at anything less than success.

Ready to Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our inbound marketing consultants and start your HubSpot onboarding today.

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