Content Marketing Services

A Strategic Approach to Developing Brand Authority and Ambassadors

Content marketing requires a memorable brand story and value proposition, a deep understanding of your customers, a commitment to content that engages, and data that allows you to adjust as you learn more. It’s about so much more than pushing publish.

That’s why our team is here to support you from the first steps of developing your voice, tone and story through determining the best content format and distribution channels. We can write every word for you or provide you the editorial guidance your team needs to create deeply authoritative content.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is a proven marketing strategy that gets more sophisticated every day. If your team isn’t seeing the results it once did from content marketing, or you are just getting started with strategy, an experienced firm can help:
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Better understand your audience so messaging resonates on both logical and emotional levels
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Infuse content with a modern SEO strategy so searchers find your brand at any step of the sales journey
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Choose topics that highlight your brand’s expertise, establishing you as the authoritative thought leader in the space
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Develop a consistent strategy for producing content so buyers become advocates

Proven Value of Content Marketing

Energy Supplier Increases Traffic 419% and New Contacts 25% Through Strategic Content Marketing

A leading competitive energy supplier serving two-thirds of the Fortune 100, with more than one million residential and 100,000 commercial customers, had strong brand recognition already, but low readership and engagement on its blog and website. A strategic blogging plan, targeted regional newsletters and segmented emails resulted in significantly increased website traffic and blog subscribers over the first 12 months, bringing in more than 2,000 new business contacts.

Overall, the energy supplier experienced a 419% increase in organic traffic, 75% increase in loyal blog subscribers and 25% increase in new contacts.

Flower Retailer Enjoys 200% Increase in Sales with Content Strategy

Green Circle Growers has worked with Kuno Creative for a decade, focusing on branding, community and content. Brand awareness has been a major initiative for its line of low-maintenance orchids with the ultimate goal of driving purchases. Through content marketing, email marketing and improved SEO efforts, Kuno helped the organization exceed sales goals year after year.

The consistent content creation has dramatically increased organic traffic from 4,834 to 219,556. Additionally, online sales increased 74% while total sales increased 200%.

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Why is Content Marketing Important?

89% of business buyers say they are more likely to buy if companies demonstrate an understanding of their goals, according to Salesforce’s fifth edition of the State of the Connected Customer. It also found that 88% of customers believe trust becomes more important in times of change. Content marketing is the most authentic way to connect with buyers about their goals and pain points, build trust, and develop loyal relationships.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing helps achieve numerous business objectives. Services from Kuno Creative may include:

  • SEO-minded blogging strategy to increase organic traffic
  • Thought leadership articles to solidify your brand as the expert in the market
  • Creating new resources and content campaigns to drive qualified leads
  • Developing an editorial calendar and a marketing plan that aligns with business goals
  • Email marketing to engage current contacts and move them through the sales funnel
  • Writing case studies, sales sheets and other sales collateral to convert prospects into customers

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