Collective pride, personally invested in client success.

Because we own the company, we are committed to achieving great things with you.

Working with us feels like an extension of your marketing team. The benefits of working with an ESOP company is that each expert delivering marketing solutions is truly invested in producing stellar work, because your success is ours, too.

What is ESOP?

An ESOP, or employee stock ownership plan, is an employee benefit plan that enables employees to own a portion of their company.

Many studies, including a John Zogby Strategies survey in partnership with ESCA, report that ESOP companies create higher productivity, employee retention, tax advantages and higher job satisfaction.

With lower turnover and consistent account management, ESOPs encourage employees to innovate and give their all. We don’t see our clients as ‘accounts’.  We work with you as partners.

Our Team is Built with Your Growth in Mind

As a fully-distributed, 100% remote-based team and not anchored to a physical address, we hire only the top talent across the country proficient in sales and marketing alignment, content, design, marketing strategy and web development. Kuno is a diverse, experienced group of professionals who love what we do. Together, we push the limits of what our client-partners can achieve.

“We became an ESOP because we know that those who are driven by excellence are the best owners, and provide the utmost attention and service to clients.”

- Chris Knipper, CEO

“I have worked in the industry for 15 years, and never have I felt so integral with clients, nor have I felt so responsible for their success.

- Shannon Barnes, VP Enterprise Accounts

Meet Our Board Members

Kuno board members have a depth of experience we rely upon to guide us toward continual improvement. Together we ensure we offer the services you need most. From RevOps automation in HubSpot to sales and marketing alignment, best practices in web operations, content marketing and more, our experts help us help you thrive.

Salley Thornton
Director of National Field Marketing & Events, Toshiba
Amanda Todorovich
Executive Director, Content Marketing Cleveland Clinic
Mike Vantusko
Chief Financial Officer: Mediquant, Campaign Monitor, Achieve3000, MRI Software, and OverDrive

Employee Ownership Culture

At Kuno, passion is necessary, talent is nurtured and opportunities are given. Going above-and-beyond the standard is expected and successes are celebrated. We help each other out across the board. ‘Not my job’ is not in our vocabulary.

We put in the time and the work to collaborate, innovate and be as productive as possible. Because everyone you work with at Kuno owns a piece of the company, they think like business owners, delivering the very best solutions for your success.

Commitment & Experience

Kuno Creative is 100% employee-owned. This means that as we work and innovate to grow our business, it puts every one of us in the mindset to prioritize your business initiatives. The strategies with which we approach our own growth help us to constantly develop ways to help you reach your goals.

Your Success is Ours Too

Get to know more about our expert team of self-motivated individuals who take initiative and are creative, flexible and collaborative. 

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