Marketing Campaigns

Achieve Your Business Objectives and Impact ROI

Sophisticated marketing starts by understanding business objectives, then works backward—strategizing how to meet those goals through data-backed, creative campaigns. 

Read on to see why digital marketing campaigns are essential to your business growth, as well as successful marketing campaign examples from Kuno Creative. 

The Power of Marketing Campaigns

When executed correctly, marketing campaigns provide impactful ROI for years to come.
Reach new customers
Increase brand awareness
Drive new opportunities to sales reps
Prompt more sales from your current database
Establish your brand as a thought leader in your sector
Create a pathway for upsells and cross-sells
Improve sales team efficiency, response rate and close rates

Proven Value of Marketing Campaigns

Fujifilm Australia Increases Contact Database by 259%

Fujifilm Australia, a Kuno Creative partner for numerous digital marketing efforts, wanted to reach a younger demographic to drive sales for its Instax camera. With the goal of generating leads, the team developed a demand generation promotion through Facebook and Instagram that included video ads and static image ads targeting their six primary personas. The goal was to increase the database from 1,600 to 4,000 new contacts. 

In the three and a half weeks the campaign ran, the campaign garnered 13,335 new contacts, resulting in 259% increase in contacts and a social post engagement increase of 227%, with a cost per lead of $0.37 overall.

Professional Services Firm Blows Away Industry Averages

A food services provider wanted to increase brand awareness in the higher education sector following a rebrand. Kuno recommended focusing on differentiators, emotional appeal and real-world success. The campaign showcased a core message, which was then distributed through numerous channels where higher education decision makers could best be reached. Because of the years-long sales cycle, the main goal of the campaign was engagement.

Connected TV video ads resulted in more than 445,000 impressions with a video completion rate of 98% and a total average cost per completed video view of $0.03. Those who viewed the videos were retargeted with native ads, which resulted in 1,500 page views, a click rate of 0.20% (average is 0.16%) and a whopping on-page time of 4.9 minutes.

Additionally, ads ran on Demandbase, which reached 99% of targeted accounts (average is 90%) and click-through rate was 0.09% (average is 0.04%), as well as LinkedIn, which saw a click-through rate of 0.45% (average is 0.39%) and a time on page of almost four minutes.

StayOnline Generates $590,000 In Revenue

StayOnline provides power connectivity solutions to customers around the world. The team identified the need to re-engage users with an abandoned cart ad through Facebook efforts. Once the need was established, Kuno Creative was able to:

  • Increase ROI by way of Facebook advertising purchases
  • Decrease overall abandoned carts by encouraging return visits via Facebook ads
  • Drive new website traffic through Facebook ads

The outcome of these ad campaigns were $590,000 in revenue, 1.5 million people reached and nearly 7,000 clicks to the website.

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What is an integrated marketing campaign?

There is no marketing campaign template: each one needs to be based on the target audience, goals and budget; but there is an easy way to define the concept.

Integrated marketing campaigns showcase a single message or theme, distributing relevant and compelling content on channels where the target audience will find it and engage with it, ultimately leading to a predetermined outcome (such as a conversion or sale) that achieves business objectives.

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