Lead Generation Case Study

How We Increased Contacts By 259% for FujiFilm

increase in contact database
increase in social post engagement
new Instagram followers
increase in Facebook likes
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Company Goals

To increase contact database and attract targeted audiences through social media platforms.

Company Vision

Fujifilm is a global leader in imaging technologies. Their instax division in Australia is committed to igniting creativity in young photographers and in a digital world, champions the importance of the printed photograph. Nostalgic inspiration meets the latest technologies, which is a powerful blend that Fujifilm has mastered with the instax camera.

Partnership with Kuno

Why partnered with Kuno

Fujifilm instax Australia partnered with Kuno Creative for ongoing marketing services. From website services to content marketing, Fujifilm has utilized Kuno as an important tool in its marketing efforts. Kuno has assisted with product launches, website refreshes, global campaigns, sponsorships, competitions and events that positively impacted the community. The brand has always looked to attract the younger demographic, and this campaign would ultimately get their attention.

Expectations of partnership

With a solid understanding of the Fujifilm brand, Kuno has grown into a trusted adviser role on just about every aspect of instax marketing. Kuno has become an expansion of their team, brainstorming, collaborating and creating ideas together that continue to take instax to the next level. The Fujifilm team brings concepts; Kuno delivers successes.

Benefits Kuno offered

Kuno goes beyond providing itemized solutions. With years of knowledge on instax and its evolution as a product coming into the 21st century, Kuno is able to offer new ways to find new users in the market, target them and pair well-crafted messaging with imagery to pique their interest.

Challenge: Generating More Leads

The compact, portable and stylish camera has a fun vibe that attracts the younger generation. In an effort to expand the social media awareness of these classic-meets-modern cameras and get in front of that audience, the Fujifilm Australia instax team approached Kuno with a campaign idea. The goal would be to get more people in their database that would become more active with ongoing marketing efforts.

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Lead Generation Strategy

Services utilized: Demand Gen, Paid Social Ads

We developed a demand generation promotion through Facebook and Instagram ads that included video ads and static images targeting their six primary personas: the travel addict, the doting parents, the social butterfly, the beauty fashionista, the arty creatives and the fun-loving kids and teens.

Kuno created 12 ads total, launching one ad initially and five days later launching 11 more. The goal was to increase the database from 1,600 to 4,000 new contacts. 

The campaign itself promoted a prize for subscribing for the winner, who also received an additional prize to give to a friend. Kuno recommended this add-on to align with a global campaign about giving. By maximizing the text in the ad images, and including a key message of over $350 worth of prizes, this strong messaging helped to draw in contestants.

fujifilm ad

Winning Big: Leads Increased by 13K

Contact Database

From the first ad alone, 500 leads were generated in just 12 hours. Based on these numbers, the team could tell from early on that the campaign would be a success.

In the three and a half weeks the campaign ran, it garnered 13,335 new contacts. Looking at industry benchmarks, Kuno has never seen numbers this low generate such high results, with a cost per lead of $0.37 overall.

Social Media Impact
During the campaign timeframe, FujiFilm's Facebook page received 500 new likes, up 283% month over month; posts reached 600,000 people, up 65% compared to the previous month; post engagement up 227% month over month. Additionally, their Instagram page added 3,000 new followers during the campaign.
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Lead Generation Stats

Contact database

increased by 259%

Social post reached

600,000 people

Social post engagement

increased by 227%

Instagram followers

increased by 3,000

Facebook likes

increased 283%

Cost per lead

only $0.37

Future Vision

When Kuno initially began working with Fujifilm, we worked on a project base. But over the years, Fujifilm saw the value of making Kuno more of a strategic partner. So, Kuno became a part of the Fujifilm team by providing strategic ideas and implementing them as well. 

  • Where do you see the company heading?

    Fujifilm instax continues to evolve its brand to include new technological capabilities. While the instax has an inherent vintage flair, Fujifilm has found ways to incorporate sound, video and other technology (such as apps) into these retros cameras. And while the two seem to be an odd combination, Fujifilm’s latest products have all seen major success. 

    Campaigns such as this one, with the latest products given away as the prize, are only a success with the right groundwork. Kuno’s role in this has been to analyze previous similar efforts and base the targeting on what worked well for those campaigns and apply it to the next one. It’s a process of fine-tuning what resonates most with the personas and using that to maximize results.

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