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Manufacturer Sees 450% Increase in Website Sessions & 1,800% Jump in Quote Requests



Company Goals

A connector manufacturer wanted to revamp their digital presence to resonate with their growing target audience and provide tools to help website visitors find the right solutions faster.

Partnership with Kuno

Why they partnered with Kuno

For their website redesign, Amerline wanted a partner that not only breathed new life into their website visually, but also had a strong grasp on the specific variables of their niche industry. When they came across an industry website that checked both boxes, Amerline was inspired enough to call and ask the company who designed their website. And then they contacted Kuno.

Expectations of partnership

With a background deeply rooted in the military, Amerline needed to pivot this rich history into industrial and commercial applications per their new AEC® connector product line. They needed a branding partner with design and content expertise to navigate this shift in a strategic manner. At the same time, Amerline wanted to identify and implement key usability features to make the conversion process frictionless. Kuno offered the user experience expertise to get stronger results.

Benefits Kuno offered

Having worked with many other industrial clients, the Kuno team was able to pair insights from past experience with a thorough research and interview process to set the foundation for a successful website redesign. Collaborative efforts between Kuno’s SEO, content and design teams helped to elevate the brand’s presence in the most meaningful, cohesive and efficient way possible.

"With Kuno's support, our digital presence is now in line with the direction of our business. They understood the unique needs of our industry and used a collaborative approach to help us cross the redesign finish line faster."

- Paul Krepelka, Amerline's VP of Operations

The Challenge

While Amerline had invested in some website design updates prior to working with Kuno, the results only scratched the surface of where they wanted to take their digital presence. Their new product line cast a wider industry net, and they wanted to capitalize on that. The brand images needed to be more dynamic, a reflection of their connectors’ innovative applications. And they wanted to make it as easy as possible for leads to find Amerline’s equivalent to competitor parts.

With Kuno as an extension of their team, Amerline had the resources to address each of these needs. A comprehensive discovery process helped set the scene for how to evoke the right kind of emotions from the company’s target audience, from both visual and messaging standpoints. With these key elements defined, user journeys were mapped out in a flowchart to ensure they could see how website visitors would easily find their way to conversion points.

The Tools Available

The Strategy

Leveraging insights from internal stakeholder and customer interviews, Kuno identified new messaging and design elements that reflected Amerline's expansion into new markets. These same insights were also used to bring their competitive advantages to the fore, from cost-effective customization to accelerated lead times. Putting user experience expertise to use, Kuno not only reorganized the website’s navigation to make it easier to browse products; they also added comparable search functionality for competitor part numbers in the site header.

Services Utilized: Website Design & Brand Strategy

As Amerline expanded its product lines to accommodate commercial and industrial use cases, Kuno presented a clear value proposition, marketing messaging and imagery to tell their new brand story. With specialization in brand experience, UX and SEO, Kuno was able to carry this new story over to Amerline’s website — all while delivering features to facilitate faster purchase decisions. By taking a growth-driven approach to website design, Kuno gives companies the ability to remain agile in the face of evolving user behavior and make changes to reach defined goals.

The Results

Since the new website launched last year, the number of website sessions has increased by nearly 450%. Month-over-month, a majority of these sessions can be attributed to organic search traffic, a product of keyword-driven website messaging, blogging and SEO page optimizations.

When organic traffic lands on the Amerline website, they’re spending time there. The average session duration is 2.5 minutes, with an average of more than two website pages viewed. At the same time, CTA clicks on the company’s website pages have increased by over 1,000%.

website design

Amerline's goal was to ultimately get web visitors to request a quote, and they've seen clear upward trends on this front, as well. Since launch, form submissions on the request a quote landing page have seen a more than 1,800% increase. What’s more, the average time on the landing page has increased by nearly 70%. Contacts are taking the extra time to fill in optional form details about their project, which lends itself to more meaningful conversations with sales and a faster entry into the customer lifecycle.


In the first quarter this year alone,organic search has produced 2.5x more contacts than direct traffic, making it the primary source of lead generation for Amerline.

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