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Content and Demand Generation Strategies

Increase Website Traffic by 164%

While Decreasing Cost Per Conversion

The Company

Blackline Safety is a Calgary, Canada-based wireless location technology company that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for employee safety monitoring, lone worker monitoring and vehicle and asset tracking.



Kuno Creative and Blackline Safety started collaborating by defining the company’s buyer personas. This helped to develop an inbound marketing strategy to be executed through a website redesign and lead nurturing campaigns. To support the ongoing efforts of the lead nurturing campaigns, retargeting ads were set up through Perfect Audience to help with conversion rates, and Google AdWords was used to drive more traffic and increase SEO.

Rationale for Content Based on Buyer Personas

In the beginning of the partnership, Kuno Creative reviewed a series of interviews with Blackline Safety customers and created Blackline Safety’s User Profiles, which described the initial target Buyer Personas to help identify an overall content strategy.

These key buyer personas and their main pain points were used as a guide as Kuno Creative redesigned the website, recommended blog topics and gated content pieces, and developed lead nurturing campaigns throughout the year. Using the Pardot software, Kuno Creative segmented email lists and distributed content to appeal to each persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration and decision-making stages).

Pinpointing a Content Goal and Mission

The content goal and mission was to raise awareness of the Blackline brand, as well as the expertise of its employees, while increasing traffic to the website and gaining new qualified leads.

Results from the Content Campaigns

[eBook] The Modern Safety Director’s Guide to Employee Safety Monitoring
Time Period - 6 Months
Total Views - 20,138
Total Submissions - 1,037

[Guide] Safety Monitoring Solutions Comparison Guide
Time Period - 4 months
Total Views - 6,543
Total Submissions - 298

[Webinar] Safety Rules Are Changing: Are You Prepared?
Time Period - 2 months
Total Views (live and recorded) - 565
Total Submissions (live and recorded) - 124

[Quiz] Safety Compliance: Can You Guarantee Yours?
Time Period - 2 months
Total Views - 399
Total Submissions - 177

[Tip Sheet] Winter is Coming: Are Your Safety Measures in Place?
Time Period - 1 month
Total Views - 71
Total Submissions - 12

In addition, Kuno Creative assisted with the following marketing materials to support brand awareness and the expertise of the employees at Blackline Safety.

Video —trimmed existing video and added CTA on website’s homepage by implementing highly focused content marketing initiatives

Updated 11 product details PDFs and created versions for the UK

Updated trade show catalog (branding/CTA)

Created email signature block

Designed Safety+Health Magazine ad (to promote the Safety Monitoring Solutions Comparison Guide)

Designed business cards

Kuno Creative assisted Blackline Safety in promoting Barry Moore, VP of Product Development, as a guest speaker on the “Canadian Content” radio show through a series of emails, landing pages and CTAs across the website and social media to help with brand awareness.

Blackline Safety also had a list of contacts from its membership in VPPPA, the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association Inc., a nonprofit association of cooperative safety and health management systems. It organizes the largest VPP education event of the year, and promotes occupational health and safety. A workflow consisting of three emails was developed to reach these contacts in June, July and August to promote the eBook and attendance and visits to Blackline’s booth at the VPPPA Conference in August, which resulted in 32 new prospects.

Setting up a blog resulted in 117 new blog subscribers in four months, who were then nurtured through monthly newsletters and lead nurturing campaigns. The monthly newsletter was sent out to the contact database to promote the blog content and industry news to continue to nurture contacts and drive traffic to the website. On average, the emails received a 10 to 20 percent click-through rate (CTR).

Traffic Results

Website Traffic Results

Kuno Creative redesigned and made updates to three of Blackline’s websites. The redesigned inbound marketing website grew in traffic visits from 7,271 in May to 19,201 in October of the same year. It resulted in an increase of website traffic by 164% while decreasing cost per conversion.

Demand Generation Results

Over a period of six months Google AdWords and retargeting ads through Perfect Audience were set up to support the ongoing campaigns and the redesigned website.

Google AdWords increased conversions from 116 in the first month to 1,882 in the sixth month, resulting in a decrease of cost per conversion from $43.80 in the first month to only $2.04 in the sixth month.

The retargeting ads using Perfect Audience went from a cost per conversion of $34.33 in the first month to only $8.55 in the sixth month during the same six-month period.