HubSpot SEO & Content Case Study

Manufacturer iCONN Systems Achieves Substantial Organic Growth Through SEO Campaign

improvement in keyword rankings
increase in organic traffic
increase in new organic contacts
increase in Visibility Index Score


Company Goals

To help engineers achieve success in their products, without having to worry about connector or cable assembly failures in the field.

Company Vision

To become a trusted source of connectors and cable assemblies in the manufacturing industry.

Organic Channel Development

Why partnered with Kuno

Kuno Creative has worked with iCONN Systems in various capacities and has achieved success with website content strategies, website development, UX, and more. Additionally, Kuno's SEO experts integrated a HubSpot SEO strategy which dramatically increased iCONN's success when it came to search engine optimization.

Expectations of partnership

Over time, Kuno's HubSpot SEO strategies would help iCONN achieve more Featured Snippets, improve keyword rankings and ultimately increase traffic to the website. iCONN would help with subject matter expertise to ensure the technical information was accurate.

Benefits Kuno offered

Through the use of various tools and techniques, Kuno could significantly improve iCONN’s SEO rankings. Kuno’s knowledge of SEO trends and opportunities allows for growth over time, rather than immediate results. The strategy would allow for continuous improvement.

SEO Strategy Goals

To align with iCONN’s vision of becoming a trusted source for manufacturers connector and cable assembly needs, they needed to increase their online presence and visibility. They wanted to drive more traffic to their website organically. In addition to the website and ongoing blogging efforts iCONN was already working with the Kuno team on, Kuno’s SEO services would help them achieve more organic results.


HubSpot SEO Strategy

Services utilized: Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategies

Our organic strategy for iCONN started with a focus on the fundamentals of search engine optimization. We began building a strong organic foundation by creating effective page titles, meta descriptions with strong CTAs, and optimized page copy along with a technically sound website.

From there, we also targeted featured snippets or “People Also Ask” results along with the keywords that were generating the most conversions.

strategy image

Search Engine Optimization Campaign KPIs

Keyword Rankings

The number of keywords ranking on the first page of Google or the top 10 positions of organic search results for iCONN increased by 482% in 24 months (27 vs. 157). The number of keywords in the top 100 also increased by 319% during that time (360 vs. 1,509).

Organic Traffic

There were 802 organic sessions prior to our SEO campaign. Twenty-four months into the campaign, that number improved to 3,428, which represents a 327% increase in organic traffic.

New Organic Contacts

One year prior to implementing our SEO services, we generated 75 new contacts through the organic channel. During our first two years of the SEO campaign, we consistently generated annually 60%+ more new contacts organically than before our search engine optimization strategy was implemented.

Featured Snippets

We initially had one featured snippet. In 24 months, we increased to eight featured snippets that are generating roughly 1,000 organic users per month.

“People Also Ask” Search Results

Prior to our SEO campaign, we did not have any keywords ranking in the “People Also Ask” section of Google’s search results. Twenty-four months after the campaign started, we had 73 keywords ranking for this feature driving roughly 300 organic users per month.

SERP Visibility Improvements

The visibility index is based on the click-through rate (CTR) that shows a website’s progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords from the current tracking campaign. A 0% visibility means that the domain isn’t ranking in Google’s top 100 results for any of these keywords. 100% visibility means that the domain keeps the first position in the SERP for all of these keywords.

In two years, iCONN’s visibility index score improved by 302% from a 3.7% score to a 14.9% score.

Data image

Search Engine Optimization Campaign Key Wins

Keyword rankings

In the Top 10 improved 482% (27 vs. 157)

Organic traffic

Increased 327% (802 vs. 3,428)

New contacts

Through the organic channel increased 61% (75 vs. 121)

Featured Snippets

Increased from 1 to 8

“People Also Ask”

Results increased from 0 to 73 keywords

Visibility Index Score

Increased 302%

Client's SEO Testimonial

“iCONN has employed many demand generation strategies through the years, including PPC, Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Those strategies pale in comparison to Kuno’s SEO work both in iCONN’s customer growth and ROI.”

Rick Regole, General Manager, iCONN Systems

Future Enhancements of our SEO Strategy

The SEO strategy for iCONN focuses on comprehensively answering search queries with the website content. This will continue in the future, along with a focus on optimizing for keywords that led to new contacts and/or customers in order to make sure we are impacting the bottom line as much as possible through the organic channel.

  • Where do you see the company heading?
    iCONN has experienced increases in customers, revenue and notoriety in the industry, in addition to positive SEO results. With continued market growth, iCONN is on track to becoming a leader in the connector industry.
  • Where is our partnership heading?
    iCONN continues to experience growth, especially with the release of a new product, which is the only one like it in the world. Kuno continues to support iCONN’s efforts by maintaining the website to account for new developments and determining the most effective ways to promote them through content and SEO. Our strategy largely depends on the product and the target audience, backed by keyword and industry research. Our goal is to promote awareness of iCONN’s brand and position them as an industry leader when it comes to connectors and cable assemblies.

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