HubSpot SEO Best Practices & Benchmarks (12% Organic Growth YoY)

HubSpot SEO Benchmarks, Best Practices and Average Traffic Growth of 12%

By Shaun KanaryJul 31 /2022

SEO growth is critical for any company. But in order to achieve SEO growth, it requires a diverse and talented team of digital marketers with wide-ranging expertise and skillsets. This team must be strategic and experienced in using the CMS platform your website is built on.

At Kuno Creative, we are HubSpot SEO experts because of the talent, skills and proficiencies our entire team of digital marketers brings to each project. In one year, this teamwork and execution fueled an average increase of 12% growth in organic sessions year-over-year for the HubSpot client websites we manage.

HubSpot SEO

The HubSpot SEO digital marketing program requires a team of No. 1 ranking caliber talent in content writing, editing, design, website development, UX strategy, video, HTML coding, automation, website management, account management, and more; all working together in unison to develop strategy and deliver on client goals. HubSpot SEO is advanced SEO and no single individual can deliver it on their own. It requires a team of experts.  

Some SEOs are versatile and offer skillsets that include website development knowledge, SEO meta best practices, and can write or do graphic design a bit, too. That will get you far. But what happens when you integrate UX and automation experts, incorporate their ideas into that mix, and then sync that with your paid Google Ads and paid social strategies? Now you have the ability to deliver the best results and consistent growth for your HubSpot website partners.

HubSpot Diamond Partner

Kuno Creative is a HubSpot Diamond Partner that specializes in SEO growth for our clients. We have an inbound marketing team that is capable of competing with any HubSpot marketing agency in America when it comes to client deliverables, results, skills, strategy and overall talent. Our team will help you succeed because we are collaborative, we welcome ideas, and everybody delivers consistent energy, implementation and fresh perspectives on each account.

12% Growth in Organic Sessions for HubSpot Websites 

Recently the Kuno Creative team reported a 12% average growth in organic sessions for the HubSpot website partners measured year-over-year. That means their HubSpot website was being managed by Kuno Creative average traffic growth within one year was 12%. Is that a great SEO success metric? Yes, we think so. What would growing the organic channel mean for your business in terms of revenue?

We Also Understand the Selling Side of Leads

We understand the selling side of leads for our HubSpot SEO clients. We can’t just generate a large volume of organic traffic and leads, then hope that some are good and turn into deals. We focus on reaching your target audience, resulting in good leads and good deals for our clients. If a sales team spends time talking to every lead you get through your website, and you get 20 bad leads, that’s 10 hours minimum of time spent talking to bad leads. This is a waste of time and money. You can limit bad leads through a targeting strategy and keyword research.

Recently, our Kuno Creative marketing team experienced this scenario with our technology marketing services page. We got the featured snippet for technology marketing and then tons of calls started pouring in. Teammates were spending hours on bad technology marketing leads as a result. So we got together as a team to ask what type of technology marketing leads do we really want to focus on? We decided on SaaS companies and used HubSpot SEO strategies to accomplish this goal.

HubSpot SEO Tool We Used To Generate Success

Meta Title Customizable Fields for Blog Articles

One HubSpot SEO feature we’ve leveraged since it was rolled out recently is the customized meta title field option for blog articles. This helped contribute to increasing growth in organic sessions by allowing us to make several critical SEO updates more quickly and now at scale. Previously, the out-of-the-box HubSpot CMS required custom HTML coding to add a meta title to any blog article that was different from the blog article headline. We are adding customized meta titles more efficiently now by leveraging this update. This creates a different H1 or headline and meta title on your website page. Previously, those two SEO attributes were keyed by the same HubSpot field within the CMS for blog pages.

HubSpot SEO News We Are Excited About

You can now apply lazy loading of images in HubSpot.


Get Started with HubSpot SEO

While SEO is still accurately described as e-Commerce SEO, Local SEO or Local Listings Management, what we specialize in at Kuno Creative is HubSpot SEO for all HubSpot websites. We are not Shopify or Drupal SEO experts. We are SEO experts for all HubSpot partner websites. Can we drive positive results on other CMS platforms besides HubSpot? Yes. What are we best at? HubSpot SEO.

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Shaun Kanary

With several years of marketing & sales experience for both the Cleveland Clinic and John Deere, Shaun brings a wealth of healthcare, consumer goods and industrial B2B marketing experience to Kuno Creative. Additionally, Shaun is a recognized authority in digital marketing and advertising as a respected college professor at Lorain County Community College, a professional speaker and columnist.