Case Study

Fastener Supplier Sees 40% Increase in Traffic with Branding, Website Redesign, SEO and Content Marketing Strategies



Company Goals

As an emergency specialty bolt manufacturer, Big Bolt was determined to update their website, marketing, and sales processes to provide customers with a seamless buying experience.

Company Vision

To become the domestic leader in emergency and low volume or specialty fastener needs.

Partnership with Kuno

Why Kuno Creative?

Kuno Creative's established track record with success in website redesigns and improving user experience (UX). Big Bolt's leadership team was impressed with Kuno’s ability to help companies expand their brand into new markets, which Big Bolt sought to do.

Expectations of Partnership

Big Bolt needed a cohesive message and look. The expectation was to update their logo and website to help them stand out from the competition. The logo felt dated and the website was in dire need of better overall user experience. In addition, the website was not stragetically optimized to rank for long-tailed keywords. The goal with the website redesign was clear: to reach new prospective customers and provide a better overall experience for visitors.

Benefits Kuno Offered

Brand strategy, website design, SEO and content marketing.

Kuno redesigned Big Bolt’s entire look. The company’s website was dated, so the Kuno design team developed a color palette featuring a mixture of green and brown tones, updated fonts and added new, updated and optimized images on every page. Kuno content experts also developed fresh brand messaging that reinforces their position as a premier fastener supplier. Kuno further improved the user experience by reorganizing Big Bolt’s entire site. It started with giving the company’s products, capabilities, industries, resources and About Us page their own navigation menus on the page header.

The Challenge

Big Bolt’s prior website lacked any search engine optimization, leaving web crawlers little to work with for ranking purposes. Kuno developed a strategy to help individual site pages rank on Google. It started with the development of a list of long-tailed keywords their target audience would search for that could be thoughtfully deployed throughout the site. 


The Strategy

Services Utilized: SEO, Brand Strategy, Website Design and Content Marketing

The primary objective was to improve Big Bolt’s ranking for keywords directly related to the company. A keyword was tied to the development of each page, enhancing SEO value.  

We also connected the site to HubSpot to track conversions. Big Bolt's previous conversion event was not specific to contact creation. Now, Big Bolt averages more than 30 per month solely from organic traffic.

Another key part of the plan was to develop a blog. Big Bolt did not have a blog before this engagement, missing out on a golden opportunity for ranking. Kuno designed the blog's look and feel and brought in one of our Brand Journalists, who not only dug deeper into keyword research, but developed a content strategy and calendar to organize posts and content they would cover.

group of bolts


Within six months, Big Bolt blogs started to rank, generate leads and drive new business.

Site traffic increased more than 40% year over year and October 2022 yielded a new record amount of leads, generating thousands of dollars in new business. But what happened next is most impressive.

In that short period of time, Kuno’s SEO and content strategy earned Big Bolt a ranking of 3 on page one of Google for the search term 'Bolt Failure'. Big Bolt went from no ranking in March and April – the first two months after launching the redesigned website – to spot 35 in May, then jumped up to position 11 in August and now holds firm in position 3. In addition, Big Bolt now owns two of the top four answers to the “People Also Ask” section on the search engine results page.



Bolts screwed in

Key Stats

Website Organic Traffic

Q1-Q3: 34.6% increase in organic sessions YoY

Position Ranking on Google for 'Bolt Failure'

Before: No Rank

After: 3

Time on Page

Q1-Q3: 48.7% YoY increase in average session duration from organic search traffic

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