Branding Case Study

Branding, Website and SEO Attracts and Engages Buyers for Medical Technology Company

increase in organic contacts
increase for time on page
increase in website traffic

Medical Technology

Company Goals
Created by clinicians for clinicians, RapidAI provides the most advanced, clinically-proven software platform for vascular and neurovascular conditions, enabling physicians to make faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions.
Company Vision

As the leader in advanced imaging for neurovascular conditions, RapidAI seeks to continue developing its platform for other vascular conditions that will offer hospitals greater capability and opportunity to improve patient outcomes.

Partnership with Kuno

Why Kuno Creative?

Prior to working with Kuno, RapidAI, then known only as Rapid, didn’t do much in the way of marketing. They knew the needed to both remain competitive in their industry and to raise awareness about their product offerings. The Vice President of Marketing knew HubSpot was the platform she wanted to use. RapidAI selected Kuno as their HubSpot agency based on Kuno’s demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the healthcare space.

Expectations of partnership

Rapid wanted to be a competitive driver in their industry and remain at the forefront of stroke technology. Their website was migrated to HubSpot, and Kuno assisted with HubSpot Marketing onboarding. This enabled tracking for all efforts to be centrally located, and enabled the newly rebranded RapidAI to have a robust Zoom integration for webinars. The rebrand had a specific intent: to showcase how artificial intelligence could assist in clinical decision making and reduce time to treatment.

Benefits Kuno offered

Expertise in rebranding, user experience and website strategy were at the fore of the initial relationship. Kuno also implemented a strong SEO strategy that led to numerous No. 1 keyword rankings.

The Challenge

When completed its clinical trials and was ready to go to market, the company had little marketing collateral and minimal web presence. To stay competitive, the company partnered with Kuno to improve their website and develop marketing material. Through the process, it was determined that it would be best to change the name from to RapidAI, and Kuno would redesign the website, logo and branding guidelines to support the rebrand.

rapidai mock

The Strategy

Services Utilized: Brand Experience, Website Design, SEO and Content Marketing

The main goal was to educate the market on RapidAI’s products and services and gain brand awareness as a leader in the medical technology space. These elements are essential to drive conversions and demo requests.

phone mocks


RapidAI is now used in over 2,000 hospitals worldwide. It is approved for use in over 100 countries and has been tested in 14 clinical trials around the world.

Additionally, the company recently secured a $75 million Series C growth investment. 

Kuno helped to drive digital awareness through increased Google rankings, website traffic, contact conversions and time on page.


Key Stats

New Organic Contacts

Increased 1373% six months after website launch

Time on Page

Increased 177% six months after website launch

Website Traffic

Increased 147% six months after website launch

Google Ranking

Moved to number 1 spot for “stroke software”

Keyword Rankings

377% improvement in Top 10 rankings

Client Quote

“We have been working with Kuno Creative for over two years. Kuno spearheaded our HubSpot integration, created a new brand identity for our company and designed and built a new website for us on the HubSpot CMS. Their work is creative and fresh. Their team is smart, thinks outside the box and a pleasure to work with.”

Diane Merrick, SVP of Marketing

Future Vision

In the beginning, the messaging was solely for the acute stroke care audience. As new product lines were developed, messaging broadened to feature aneurysm, a chronic neuro condition, and pulmonary embolism, which speaks to a separate audience. Each change requires a concerted effort to ensure messaging is cohesive, yet effectively addresses the distinctions among the audiences.

Kuno continues to provide its expertise as RapidAI continues to grow, offering strategic recommendations as the medical technology company navigates adding new service areas and increasing market share. 

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