SEO Case Study

Flower Retailer Enjoys 200% Increase in Sales with SEO and Content Campaigns

new organic visitors
increase in sales
increase in contacts

Consumer Products

Company Goals
To increase brand awareness as the go-to for plant gifting and decorating needs, as well as drive traffic to both the plant care site and eCommerce site.
Company Vision

To be the go-to source for plants and plant care needs. All plants are grown in an environmentally friendly fashion, using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation, and a sustainable heat source.

Partnership with Kuno

Why partnered with Kuno

In 2009, Green Circle Growers (Just Add Ice’s parent company) needed a partner to help them with creative needs. They partnered with Kuno to help put their new brand, Just Add Ice, on the map through branding and marketing.

Expectations of partnership

Since Just Add Ice initially partnered with Kuno, their needs have evolved with the changing market and the expectation has been that Kuno keeps up with those evolving needs. Over the years, Kuno has brought new strategies to the table as needed, such as SEO, paid media, and new technology.

Benefits Kuno offered

Through the use of various tools and techniques, Kuno significantly improved Just Add Ice’s SEO rankings and increased sales. Kuno’s knowledge of SEO trends, content marketing, and email marketing allows for growth over time, rather than immediate results. This strategy allows for continuous improvement.

The Challenge

Just Add Ice wanted to identify the best times and methods to drive customers to make purchases. With this challenge in mind, Kuno designed a strategy using content marketing, SEO, and demand generation that would push the right plant products out of the greenhouse at the right time.


The Strategy

Services Utilized: Demand Generation, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Brand Experience and SEO

Because Just Add Ice is a business-to-community (B2C) brand, we see an increase in sales every time an email is sent and new content is created — the more emails and content, the better. Kuno also strategically promotes specific products based on season and availability.

All of Just Add Ice’s campaigns are planned around major holidays, as well as other important events like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Indoor Plant Week, and wedding season.



Contact Database Impact

Kuno’s SEO team completed keyword research and the content team created messaging to attract the right visitors. This resulted in a huge gain in contacts (leads, opportunities, and customers) over the last three years. Calls-to-action strategically placed within that content helped drive customer conversions.  In just three years, Just Add Ice’s contact database increased by 42%.

SEO Impact

Through our SEO efforts over a three-year period, we have seen great success. Organic traffic drastically increased from 4,834 to 219,556. Also, keywords ranking in Google’s top 10 increased from 2,262 to 3,114 and keywords ranking in the top 100 also increased from 7,963 to 12,588.

Through content marketing, email marketing and improved SEO efforts, Kuno exceeded sales goals year after year.


Key Stats

Total Sales

Increased by 200%

Online Orders

Increased by 74%


Increased by 42%

Organic Search

Increased by 34%

Blog Views

Increased by 493%

Website Sessions

Increased by 24%

Client Quote

“They have been a critical component of our marketing strategy for Green Circle Growers and our largest B2C brand Just Add Ice. They bring a wealth of design, technical, content creation, market research, eCommerce and email marketing skills. In addition, Kuno continuously brings new ideas to the table that we test and for the most part implement at a large scale with positive ROI results.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Just Add Ice

Future Vision

We will continue to run plant care campaigns while implementing new and innovative ways to engage our consumers. Kuno wants JAI to continue to be the primary source of plant education for customers, as well as their go-to for plant purchasing needs.
  • How has strategy and goals evolved over the years?
    Because Kuno has been working with JAI since 2009, we’ve been able to fine-tune our strategy to evolve with the changing B2C industry. Consumers want to easily find what they need without speaking to anyone. Additionally, consumers want to be able to trust the brands they are supporting. Because of this, we make it a priority to educate our consumers first by providing lots of in-demand plant care content and then delivering relevant and timely emails to drive them to make more informed purchases.
  • What's your vision for 1, 2, and 3 years?
    Kuno’s vision is to expand the brand in a way that will reach more consumers with different wants and needs for plant purchasing. We want to continue to reach gift-givers as well as people who love taking care of and decorating with plants.
  • Where is your partnership heading?
    The Just Add Ice and Kuno teams are consistently coming up with new ideas to take the brand to the next level and the sky's the limit. Both teams are always thinking ahead and meet customers where they are with plant needs and questions.

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