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Revamping RevOps for Alignment & Growth: Reach’s Story

By Matt NagelJun 22 /2023

Growth can happen fast, and no company wants to be weighed down by disjointed revenue operations when it does. For Reach, a payment platform that simplifies how businesses sell across borders, HubSpot gave them the tools needed to connect processes. With limited internal expertise and bandwidth, though, the company needed a partner to help close gaps in their revenue processes and accelerate market growth. As that partner, Kuno Creative helped align Reach’s processes so employees can do their jobs more efficiently while the company scales its infrastructure.

The Pain Points

Leads entering HubSpot weren't segmented and, with the marketing team relying on manual touchpoints and sourcing, some leads fell through the cracks altogether. For this already lean marketing department, this meant investing valuable time correcting errors from missed leads. The Reach team also relied on manual sourcing to run reports and migrate contact data from webinars — the comapny’s primary demand generation avenue.

While Reach’s sales department had a solid game plan, they too were subject to critical data gaps. They wanted an external tool to address these gaps, which also would support their commission structure and optimize processes for existing integrations.

Alongside sales, Reach engaged in co-selling with partner companies. Managing the partner prospecting process began in HubSpot — and once prospects were approved as partners, they needed to accurately track engagements and attribute revenue share. While Reach's partner management team tried using custom properties in HubSpot for this purpose, they didn’t offer the degree of flexibility or transparency managing a partner program requires.

Then there was the account management team, whose responsibility is to oversee the implementation of sold solutions and maintain client satisfaction. The team sunk considerable time into building ad hoc tasks and reminders in HubSpot and wanted to automate these tasks and alerts wherever possible.

Our Solution: Establishing Alignment

Before taking action, the Kuno Creative team’s first step was to dive into the client’s current RevOps processes and talk with department stakeholders about where attention was needed most. Documenting and prioritizing these processes laid the groundwork for determining a well-defined set of objectives with immediate impact.

As part of these efforts, Kuno strategists worked toward a single project scope. This was a nod to the bigger picture of RevOps processes: fragmentation affects anyone working within their HubSpot instance. At the same time, being able to view and use HubSpot tools in a complementary, cross-departmental way would provide necessary optimizations that weren’t even on siloed users’ radars.

Here’s a detailed round-up of Kuno’s solutions for Reach:


  • Created a process leveraging hidden fields, naming conventions and automation to underpin a seamless, scalable form strategy for lead collection
  • Helped Reach configure a Zoom integration to facilitate their webinar process and trained them on how to maximize integrated capabilities
  • All elements were built with reporting in mind to appropriately and accessibly attribute contact creation


  • Closed data gaps for CaptivateIQ, a commission management platform, through the creation and population of new data points with calculated custom properties and automation in HubSpot
  • Completed a full audit and optimization of their existing ZoomInfo integration before using automation and a validation process to ensure all necessary data fields were filled in to set pricing or accurately sell after deal creation


  • Employed flexible association labels in HubSpot, allowing teams to attach multiple companies to a single deal record and clearly label reasons for association
  • Fully mapped out the entire partner process to develop robust partnership reporting, enabling more informed decision-making for all parties involved.

Flowchart outlining Reach's revised partner process

Account Management

  • Implemented a ticketing pipeline, ushering them into Service Hub,  using easy-to-deploy task sets based on custom properties to trigger automation
  • With surfacing process-related data top of mind, Kuno enabled the team to access insights from account management initiatives directly in HubSpot

The Results: A RevOps Revolution

The marketing team was able to almost entirely automate what once took hours of work. Additionally, the Zoom webinar integration let the team rapidly scale to meet market demands and be a bigger player in revenue acquisition, all at no added cost.

On the sales side, access to accurate data and tools to facilitate closing deals reinvigorated and refocused the team. The commission program gained transparency and accuracy, while the team was better incentivized to reach their goals.

Kuno x Reach success quote from Ryan Gobar

Without having to spend more, the partner team was able to establish a clear process to reference and report on their initiatives. Instead of industry-leading PRMs that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, Kuno and HubSpot avoided extra expense by configuring existing tools and mapping out a well-structured partner management path.

In most instances, the account management team enjoyed a 99% reduction in time spent performing tasks that are now fully automated or only require a manual kickoff. From these results, the team gained approval for a Service Hub upgrade and added outside tools like Jira into their HubSpot portal to supercharge even greater efficiencies.

The Impact: Speed, Service, Success


For over 20 years, Kuno Creative has helped companies resolve their RevOps struggles through thoughtful HubSpot implementation and accessible strategies designed to help teams thrive. We can do the same for you.

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