iOFFICE Corp: Experience Design, Video Production, Content Strategy, SEO & Demand Gen

Updated UX & Content Strategy Drive Qualified Buyers to Website & Sales Team

The Company

iOFFICE is one of the fastest-growing workplace management solution providers in the United States. The company equips C-suite executives, strategic planners and facilities managers with real-time data and communications software.


The Strategy

To move beyond its competitors, iOFFICE needed its website to evolve—if your site looks out-of-date, chances are people will think your software is, too.

iOFFICE also saw the potential inbound marketing offered to attract visitors, convert leads and close deals. The organization wanted to develop customer relationships and target buyers with a multi-faceted approach.

Pinpointing Personas

A team of brand journalists interviewed iOFFICE employees and customers to develop buyer personas. This information created the foundation for optimizing the iOFFICE website user experience through constant monitoring and assessment of the user journey and conversion paths.


Launching a Content Strategy

The team also used this information to launch a content strategy that included persona-specific long-form blog posts, eBooks, webinars and guides for the iOFFICE website. These elements are constantly generating organic visits and converting visitors into leads.

Implementing Email Campaigns

Email campaigns helped further nurture qualified leads to then turn over to the sales team. Moving leads down the sales funnel is essential, since half of those who watch the demo video convert into customers.

optimize-hubspot icon.png

Optimizing HubSpot Software

iOFFICE also gave Kuno the chance to optimize its HubSpot software by providing ongoing website updates and maintenance. This allows iOFFICE to capitalize on what is working in real time.

Enhancing the Brand Experience

Kuno ensures that all brand aspects are clear and consistent through website design strategy, content and blogging strategies, multimedia production and graphic design for iOFFICE's digital initiatives.


Website Leads


Marketing to Sales Qualified
Leads Increased


Organic Website Traffic Increased


New Customer Acquisition Increased


Continuous Website Optimization

Kuno continuously measures iOFFICE's webpage performance to better understand what their buyers expect. Based on regular website performance reviews, Kuno repeatedly makes improvements to iOFFICE's website experience and keyword objectives, resulting in marketing conversions and sales growth year-over-year.


A bond between iOFFICE & Kuno continues to grow.

The bond between iOFFICE and Kuno Creative continues to grow. The team will amplify its SEO efforts to identify quick wins and longer-term keyword strategies to improve organic traffic. To further help move leads through the sales funnel, Kuno is creating persona-centric videos for the iOFFICE website.

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