Horizon: Digital and Demand Generation Strategy

Digital Strategy Drives Record-Breaking Leads

The Company

Horizon Education Centers is a non-profit community organization that provides affordable, high-quality educational and enrichment opportunities to children in communities throughout Northeast Ohio.


The Challenge

Horizon needed to bring in more registrants for its summer camp and preschool programs. The Kuno team was tasked with creating a targeted digital strategy that would raise awareness of Horizon’s services and increase interest in its programs.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Horizon has a long relationship with Kuno that dates back to its use of direct mail and print advertising more than a decade ago. This strategy was effective in the late 2000s, but as technology — and audiences — evolved, the organization needed a new approach.

Horizon launched a new website on the HubSpot platform. Kuno optimized it for SEO and included calls to action to capture leads. We also produced educational content such as guides, blog posts and checklists to target new and potential customers that would then capture them as leads.

Horizon and Kuno used a digital strategy that involved the use of content marketing, email marketing, and out-of-home advertising to increase awareness of its offerings and registrations for preschool and summer camp programs. As a result, Horizon was established as a leading child care provider in the region.


Demand Generation Strategies

Horizon added demand generation to its inbound marketing efforts, and the Kuno team worked closely with Horizon’s leadership to determine who they wanted to target and what programs they wanted to promote. 

Families in Horizon’s targeted areas are often looking for quality and affordable child care, as well as camps during the summer and preschool programs that are close to home.

To educate parents about Horizon’s summer camp and preschool programs, the Kuno team targeted parents with school-aged and preschool-aged children who lived in Horizon’s service areas on Facebook and via paid search. 

Demand Generation Strategies

The Kuno team wanted to go a step further and create a Facebook ad that had more engaging content than a static ad. 

To do this, the team created a six-second social media video featuring its preschool program that included photos of Horizon students learning and having fun. People who visited Horizon’s preschool pages and locations pages were re-targeted with these ads on Facebook.

On Facebook, a mix of content was also used — like a checklist on how to choose a child care facility and blog posts — to promote Horizon’s summer camp and preschool programs.

Increasing Awareness and Leads

Horizon achieved the highest amount of preschool registration leads since it launched its inbound marketing efforts. Partnering with Kuno has enabled Horizon to grow from just a few service locations to more than 10. David Smith, Horizon’s owner, said the majority of registrants for its preschool and summer camp programs come from Kuno’s content and email marketing efforts, as well as our demand generation and out-of-home advertising work. These efforts helped Horizon grow 40 percent last year. Now, David is able to focus on expanding Horizon’s service locations, building staff and enriching students instead of working to get leads and generate awareness.


“Families throughout Northern Ohio depend on us to offer quality and affordable child care. Without Kuno, we would not be able to reach the families who need our services, and we would not have been able to establish ourselves as a leader in child care.”

- David Smith, Horizon Education Centers

Key Results of Demand Generation Efforts Over 12 Months

increase in new contacts
increase in paid search visits
increase in paid search contacts
increase in paid Facebook contacts

Looking Ahead

As Horizon continues to expand throughout Northern Ohio, it will continue to work closely with Kuno to create impactful content and advertising that reaches — and connects with — families throughout the area.

Over the next year, Kuno will continue to optimize Horizon’s website, as well as develop more content that brings prospects to the site and educates them about common parenting and education issues.

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