Choosing Between Website Redesign & Brand Refresh

Do You Need a Website Redesign or a Brand Refresh?

By Bridget CunninghamNov 16 /2023

If a website redesign is on your mind, you’ve probably got a list of strategic objectives mapped out. But a trend we’ve noticed is these objectives aren’t always aligned with a website redesign; they’re actually building a case for a brand refresh.

Considering the overlap between branding and website design, we understand why it’s hard to know which side of the fence you might be on. The goal here is to eliminate gray areas and establish clear parameters. That way, if the time is right for a brand refresh, you’ll know it and can work on first laying the foundation you need to guide your website redesign — and all your marketing efforts, for that matter.

4 Signs You’re In Need of a Brand Refresh

You’re Missing Insights Into Your Customers’ Pain Points

When you have a good feel for what challenges your customers face, you can come up with key marketing messages that resonate with your target audience. The best way to accomplish this is through buyer persona development. By conducting interviews with internal stakeholders and customers, you can create detailed representations of your target buyers that support the content you write and the user experience you provide. What’s more, you can write in a tone that coincides with how your customer thinks and speaks.

If you haven’t gone through the persona development exercise, think brand refresh.

You Haven’t Established a Clear Value Proposition

Businesses need to have a clearly defined elevator pitch outlining what makes their products or services unique. Bringing key differentiators to the forefront helps set you apart from the competition in a way that is fast and convenient for people to grasp. Of course, developing a good value proposition requires a deep understanding of your customers, which again points back to the need for solid buyer personas.

If your value proposition feels outdated or is missing altogether, think brand refresh.

Visually, You’re Outdated Compared to the Competition

Say you’re a manufacturer that’s noticed competitors using high-quality photography and custom illustrations to their showcase products. This nudges you to rethink the use of lower-quality product images and stock photos on your website. But it’s a bigger conversation than your website; it’s a branding question. After all, new visuals will guide the look of your social media, email, print ads, tradeshow materials, and other media.

If you’re modernizing the visuals that your organization uses, think brand refresh.

You’ve Expanded Your Products and Services

Change is an inevitable part of business growth. Maybe you’re a technology provider whose audience has grown since the last iteration of your website, as you’ve expanded into new industries. While you once catered to the life sciences industry, you now need your website to speak to the construction, food and beverage, and healthcare industries, too. At this point, we’re talking about a major change in your target audience. This calls for new persona development work to map out updated messaging, as well as strategizing new visuals to align with this business shift.

If you’ve expanded the industries you serve and thus your target audience, think brand refresh.

We’ll Leave You With These Questions

We hope the insights above paint a clearer picture of whether a brand refresh or a website redesign makes the most sense for your business. Before you reach out to an inbound marketing agency for a website redesign request, consider these questions:

  1. Do you have a clearly defined value proposition that underscores your key differentiators?
  2. Does your internal team know how to execute your brand without a lot of handholding from marketing?
  3. Is your messaging and visual identity consistent in tone across all marketing materials?
  4. Does your brand look like it belongs in your marketplace while still setting yourself apart?
  5. Does your brand get traffic to your website and drive conversions?
  6. Does a potential customer remember your brand beyond that initial touch point?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it could mean it’s best to take a step back before moving headlong toward a website redesign. By establishing content and visuals that resonate with your brand and are cohesive across your organization, your investment in a brand refresh sets the stage for a more successful website redesign. Think of it as the level ground on which you can build your brand’s digital presence — and beyond.

Whether a brand refresh or a website redesign makes the most sense for you, Kuno Creative is here to help. Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can support you in reaching your digital marketing goals.

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