Effective B2B Homepage Content | 5 Best Practices

5 Best Practices for Producing Effective B2B Homepage Content

By Karen TaylorAug 30 /2022

When Kuno Creative was tasked with updating the website for Big Bolt, the B2B bolt and fastener company was vocal about wanting its homepage content designed both for humans and for SEO. The company wanted to rank high on a search engine results page (SERP) when people searched for fasteners and then have a fast route to a solution when they landed on the homepage. 

On its redesigned homepage, the company wanted its content to simplify and accelerate the path to solutions that solve specific problems. User journey mapping helped clearly define how users could easily navigate from the homepage to getting a quote, which was the primary conversion point. The result of the new homepage was a measurable increase in conversions and sales from Big Bolt’s website.

The takeaway from this case study is the importance of writing homepage content for both search engine robots and humans. That’s just one of many content-focused best practices for producing a homepage that achieves a company’s business goals. We’ve rounded up five of the most important best practices companies should leverage to create a more impactful and successful homepage. 

Write for Both Humans and Bots

At a basic level, your homepage must perform two jobs: attract visitors and guide them to solutions. This requires creating content for both search engine robots and humans. And this requires establishing the right balance between keywords and readability. 

Today, SEO is the primary way that companies drive prospects to their websites. Conduct search term research to hone in on the exact keywords and phrases that will attract your target audience. Once you find them, use them judiciously on your home page. 

To write for humans means understanding people’s wants, needs and values. Working from a well-constructed buyer persona will support content creation that resonates with them. 

The homepage for Big Bolt achieved the perfect balance and the intended results. SEO phrases like ‘next-day manufacturing’ and ‘24-hour turnaround,’ helped prospects find the website. A focus on the company’s wide range of bolts, nuts and fasteners led visitors quickly to the solutions that met their needs and the opportunity to request a quote. 

Big Bolt homepage


Clarify Solutions for Multiple Personas

Some companies offer solutions for several buyer personas, which can become confusing for visitors. New and used vehicle inventory management company vAuto solved this problem with a simple homepage content strategy. It provides four clear pathways toward solutions for four different buyer personas — and speaks in the voice of each persona with “I” statements. 

Immediately upon arriving at the page, the homepage content provides prospects with four options from “I manage new vehicles” to “I buy wholesale.” Above the fold, there’s no ‘about us’ branding information of any kind. Just four clear options to choose from, for example: “Show me how to beat the competition.” 

If you need to speak to more than one buyer persona, you can’t go wrong with vAuto’s clear, concise approach with content that gets straight to the point — and drives visitors exactly where they want to go. 

vAuto homepage

Lead with a Value Proposition

Leading with a clear and compelling value proposition statement can be a powerful way to start off your website messaging. The payment processing platform Stripe achieved this direction to great effect with its simple but powerful value statement, “Payments infrastructure for the internet.” 

The website further strengthens its value proposition with content focused on building prospects’ confidence in the platform with phrases like ‘millions of companies of all sizes’ use Stripe. It provides more social proof by using client logos, helping build trust. 

If you decide to go the value proposition route on your homepage, consider these pointers: 

  • Be specific: Telegraph exactly what your business offers visitors to your website. 
  • Lock in on customer focus: Emphasis how your product solves customers’ problems.
  • Keep it simple: Keep the message direct and as short as possible.
  • Engage A/B testing: To craft the perfect, to-the-point value statement, run your content through A/B testing until you land on the ideal few words.

Stripe homepage

Feature Your Features

Two common leading questions B2B website visitors ask are what do you do? and how do you do it? Monday.com doesn’t keep them guessing. Right away, visitors learn exactly what the platform does thanks to a bold headline, a compelling subhead, a series of interactive features running along the bottom of the page just above the fold, followed by a clear call to action button: Get started. 

To get started on this approach, you need:

  • A headline with a strong value proposition — see best practice #3
  • A compelling subhead — consider asking a question like Monday did: “What would you like to manage with Monday Work OS?”
  • A list of your features presented in a clear, user-friendly design — bonus points for making them interactive

Monday.com homepage

Tell an Interesting Story

Storytelling is and always has been one of the most powerful ways to communicate. Unlike any other approach, storytelling has the ability to draw people into the drama or comedy of your messaging. Many companies do storytelling well. One of them is Rocka, which outsources temporary CTOs and CPOs to companies. 

On its homepage, Rocka’s unique storytelling approach is supported by great imagery, including statues of ancient Greek characters. The “above the fold” content starts out bold and minimalist with a headline that declares: “We are Rocka.” Supporting copy adds some details: “ We help tech businesses boost their technology, product and work frameworks. With experienced leadership and fractional time agreements.” 

This content compels visitors to scroll down the page. When they do, they’re rewarded with more of the company’s story, including strategic benefits and calls to action on every panel — all supported by the same minimalist style and images of Greek statues. When it comes to storytelling, Rocka really rocks!

As the most visited page of your website, your homepage deserves all the attention you can generate.

By leveraging some of the best practice strategies listed above, you’ll be well on your way to creating a B2B homepage that does its share of the heavy lifting for your overall marketing program — taking its rightful position center stage.

Why Kuno?

When people engage with your brand — from the first time they visit your website to interactions after they make a purchase — they have high expectations for a good experience. With effective user testing measures in place, you can better align your marketing efforts with the expectations and needs of your target audience and knock your user experience out of the park. 

With a dedicated team of web designers and UX experts, Kuno Creative can make your brand stand out for the right reasons on your homepage and at every user touchpoint. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help!

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