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Weed Pro Increases Organic Leads 181% With Website Redesign

By Bridget CunninghamJun 29 /2018

There’s one in every neighborhood. That home or business that always seems to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn at all times of the year. You can’t help but feel welcomed by the inviting landscape and want to learn more about what lies behind the scenes.

As one of Ohio’s top lawn care companies, Weed Pro has helped bring these outdoor spaces to life. With years of experience, a passion for high-quality lawn care and affordable prices, this local company has achieved a long list of satisfied customers, from residential properties to commercial spaces.

While known for the great-looking yards they help create, Weed Pro struggled to convey that same sense of invite and interest in their website. Not only was the website dated, but it didn't focus on educating users or converting them into customers.

Old Weed Pro website


It was these frustrations—and missed opportunities—that led the company to reach out to Kuno Creative for a new website design.

What Needed to Change

Lawn care can often seem like a chore for homeowners and property managers. But that’s not to say there aren’t opportunities to make the topic exciting for users. After all, it’s this engagement factor that can give local lawn care companies a leg up on the competition.

Determining how to incorporate this “wow” factor into Weed Pro’s new inbound marketing website was the biggest challenge for the Kuno team.

Our research also found that customers saw all lawn care treatments as the same. Without knowledge of these differences—and the value of each treatment—there are fewer chances to connect with users and earn their business. We knew we had to find a creative way to educate individuals on the different types of lawn care treatments while getting them to convert quickly.

What We Did

With research under our belt and our creative thinking put to the test, we were ready to put Weed Pro’s new website design into motion.

We followed our website redesign process and created a visual site map and homepage mockup, seen below.  

New visual site map


Homepage mock-up



We kept the creative juices flowing.

When visitors arrived to the new website—one with a clean, bright and modern feel—our team wanted to make sure there was an exciting and friendly way to engage with them. That’s why we decided to add an effect on the hero image (see below) that allows the user to see what their lawn could look like with the right treatments. (Seeing is believing, after all.)


Beyond the Homepage

It’s no secret that every lawn requires unique care. While Weed Pro offers a variety of services, via price and features, these options needed to be made clear to users. By creating a new layout for the pricing page, which takes a straightforward, step-by-step approach, we made it easy for users to browse available options and choose the right lawn care plans for their needs.

New Pricing Page lawn-care-pricing-page


In an effort to further educate users, we introduced a new FAQs page to the website design. Whether they are looking for answers to questions about service, lawns and landscapes or seasonal tips, the FAQs page is their one-stop shop. As new questions come up and the seasons change, the list of answers both changes and grows.

New FAQ Page


And that’s not all. Our new website design is also home to a lawn care help center with resources users can easily browse; a content refresh of each service page to highlight the educational factor; and additional reviews on the homepage to showcase a handful of the many satisfied Weed Pro customers.

New Resource Center


The Results Of Our Work

We launched the new website design in February 2018. The results we’ve seen thus far have proven to be impressive:

  • Session to conversion rate increased from 1.4% to 2%
  • Time on site rose from 45 seconds to 1 minute and 12 seconds
  • The average number of page views increased from 1.2 pages to 2.1 pages per session

In terms of leads through organic search, this number continues to increase by the month. The comparison between results for April 2017 and April 2018 show that organic leads are up by 45 year-over-year.

April 2017 Results


April 2018 Results


This upward trend was even more pronounced in May, with organic leads up by 141 (181%) year-over-year (see below).

And that’s not the only space where growth is clear. As the results below indicate, new leads are on the rise from every type of marketing source.

May 2017 Results


May 2018 Results


With customer sales at an average of $450 ($1,350 Customer Lifetime Value) and a close rate of 49 percent, this translates to a worth of $270 per lead for Weed Pro.

Leveraging the Power of HubSpot Apps

We’re happy to note that Weed Pro has found plenty of success with HubSpot apps, as well. Beyond the basic blog, contacts, email, landing and web pages, lists and social apps, Weed Pro is taking full advantage of CRM, ads, deals, workflows and tasks, all of which are assisting the sales team in closing more deals.

As a lawn care provider, Weed Pro experiences a good amount of turnover throughout the season. With the HubDB tool, they are able to quickly swap out team members and provide customers with the most up-to-date information about technicians.

Then there’s the custom reports dashboard, which Weed Pro uses to share sales and marketing results in their sales room. Allowing salespeople to view their performance in real time creates a stronger sense of urgency and fuels friendly competition between team members.

Management uses these custom reports to develop additional dashboards. Whether metrics are sales or marketing related, managers can customize the data they want to monitor throughout the day.

Additionally, the team is currently working to move the FAQs page to the new HubSpot Knowledge Base, as well as adding bots to streamline customer service.  

Marketing's Impact On Weed Pro's Business

Last year, Weed Pro made the decision to move into a brand new market without a book of business. They planned to penetrate the market organically, and paid to move a technician to Cincinnati, Ohio, this past January. 
The new website, along with a targeted PPC strategy, was a major way the organization planned to make an impact on the new city. Webpages were optimized and ads were created. After just a couple months, the technician had enough customers to sustain the business in a new market. 
Additionally, the organization wanted the new website to help streamline customer service, as they were experiencing an issue with cancellations. The homepage design incorporated a "sticky" bar that helps visitors get started with a free quote, a customer service question or a billing question. This improved ease in communications, along with the new educational content on the site, has already decreased the cancellation rate by 2 percent. 
It is easy to see the financial impact the new website made for the company. But it also allowed one technician (so far) to start a new life in a new market. 

Looking to the Future

The new look and feel of Weed Pro’s website design has made an impact on the user experience. With this solid foundation in place, Kuno looks forward to working with the local lawn care company on ways to maximize marketing efforts—on which strides have already been made in the HubSpot CRM, social media and PPC efforts.

For Weed Pro, the feeling is mutual.

“The initial decision to outsource our digital marketing was not without apprehension, but we soon realized the advantages of working with a team that has superior insights and abilities that we could not match,” noted Rob Palmer, owner of Weed Pro. “Since then, we have seen significant improvements in our online presence—well beyond our initial projections—and look forward to continuing this partnership well into the future.”

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