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A forward-thinking approach to designing online experiences that take into account what buyers expect today... and what they’ll want tomorrow.

Working with the kunoXdesign team

Our design process is a departure from the siloed frameworks you might be used to.

Starting with UX research and customer interviews, we create a buyer insight-driven digital strategy that applies to all of your web properties, including your websites, blogs, landing pages, forms, email templates and website content.

In the design and development phases, we apply a blend of philosophies, drawing from growth-driven design, user experience design and progressive enhancement-based mobile design.

As a result, you benefit from the opportunity to offer your buyers customized experiences, clear paths to conversion and high-value design and content.


How we do it



Uncover deep insights about your customers’ buying motivations and preferences—and put them to work on your digital properties.


Responsive and Scalable

Exceed customer expectations with sites that constantly adapt to user preferences and look amazing on desktop, mobile and tablets.


Optimized for Business Growth

Attract, nurture and convert customers with digital features optimized for profitability and growth.

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The experience

These elements work together to form a cohesive digital experience for your buyers.

Our philosophy

For as long as we can remember, website design has been stuck in a static, unbending process. First you plot out the sitemap, then you mull over the wireframes, then you debate over the mock-ups. Six months to a year later you finally have a new site, which, unfortunately, starts getting stale the moment you launch it.

We started thinking: What if there were another way? What if we were able to constantly apply what we know about how users behave on your website to adapt its design and functionality as new evidence arises? What if we could apply deep customer insights to both the planning and optimization stages of your website design process? And what if we could apply this philosophy not only to your website, but to all of your digital real estate, including your landing pages, emails, mobile properties, communities and forms?

Our desire to create amazing, customer insight-driven digital experiences that are responsive, scalable and adaptable has inspired us to develop our own unique website design process:


Modern Website Design


Modern Website Design

Stays the same until you undergo another redesign


Constantly adapts based on actual user engagement to keep your website fresh and relevant

Modern Website Design

Makes assumptions about what users want to see on your web properties


Uses customer insights to drive decisions about your sitemap, design choices and functionality

Modern Website Design

Starts with desktop version of your site and strips out features to create the mobile and tablet versions (also known as graceful degradation)


Starts with mobile version of your site and adapts based on what users need in every setting (also known as progressive enhancement)

Modern Website Design

Flat and brochure-like, with little thought given to engagement and the user journey


Dynamic and interactive, with multiple opportunities for conversion at strategic points in the user journey

Modern Website Design

Frustrates users with less-than-intuitive navigation and company-centric content


Delights users and exceeds their expectations by anticipating how they want to use your site