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Results, Delivered: RevOps Solutions Through Kuno Partnership

By May JohnsonSep 21 /2023

When skillfully harnessed, data is a treasure trove of information that improves every stage of a company’s marketing and sales cycles. Sometimes, though, that data can become unwieldy. So much potential for impact, lost in the bustle of everyday business.

That’s where strategic revenue operations, or RevOps, solutions come in to unlock new, hidden opportunities and ensure sustainable growth over time.

Maybe you’re using several different tools alongside your CRM and your tech stack isn’t integrated. Or maybe your team is still doing some tasks manually, instead of automating key processes. Perhaps there’s been a turnover in staffing and so your data management processes have become disjointed, leading to incomplete or inaccurate data.

Our client-partners come to us every week with these types of challenges, among others. Time and time again, I’ve seen a company’s revenue operations transformed by bringing its people, processes, systems and data together for better ways of doing things.

What could that mean at your organization? Read on to see what RevOps solutions look like in practice.

What Specific RevOps Challenges Can a Kuno Partnership Address?

I’ve alluded to this, but it’s worth reiterating. As a revenue operations strategist, my focus is helping you optimize your revenue operations in ways that ultimately improve your bottom line.

The specific RevOps challenges we help address vary based on industry, product, sales and marketing, data and other factors. That’s why the first part of our work together always involves investing time to learn about your business, processes and challenges.

In broad strokes, though, the common problems we solve are around:

  • Integrations
  • Migrations
  • Implementations
  • Reporting
  • Data enhancement
  • Marketing and sales process builds
  • HubSpot onboarding, training, implementation and admin services
  • Process Automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Portal audits
  • Database hygiene
  • And much more

It’s a long list! Not sure if you need a RevOps consultant right now? If you are wanting to generate more revenue, then the answer is almost certainly ‘Yes’. Taking a solutions-based approach with the Kuno team results in:

  1. Identifying and improving operational inefficiencies
  2. Capturing clean, complete and accurate data
  3. Maximizing the technology and tools in your arsenal, including automating processes where applicable
  4. Aligning sales and marketing teams with better communication and lead management.
  5. Ensuring consistent, sustained revenue growth and sale

Let’s dig into these impacts in greater detail with a few examples.

Improved Deal Velocity Through HubSpot-Powered Efficiency

A healthcare company came to us for help closing their deals faster and more efficiently.

As part of their deal pipeline, the organization had to run a cost-benefit analysis and pro forma approval process to make sure that all financial and operational aspects of every deal had been thoroughly evaluated before moving forward.

Meeting these internal controls, however, resulted in delays, inconsistencies and inaccurate data entry. The manual process was time-consuming and the company’s bottom line suffered as a result.

In response to these problems, we created a custom automated approval workflow using HubSpot. We standardized the process across departments to make it easy to immediately adopt and use, eliminating manual errors, maintaining data integrity and expediting decision-making.

The impact? The custom RevOps solution reduced approval time from seven days to under two days, while leading to a 45 percent improvement in deal velocity quarter-over-quarter.

Aligned Processes Lead to Scalability and Supercharged Growth

An ecommerce payment solutions provider was struggling to manage leads with a lean marketing department.

The leads entering their CRM weren’t being segmented and the team was stuck handling time-consuming manual tasks around touchpoints, sourcing, running reports and migrating contact data.

Additionally, the company had to manage co-selling partnerships – and all that involves from tracking engagements to attributing revenue – and continue to keep clients satisfied while implementing sold solutions.

So, we doubled down to align their processes across marketing, sales, partner management and account management. Amongst other value-driven solutions, we created a scalable form strategy for lead collection, leveraged custom properties and automation in HubSpot, integrated their external systems and established robust reporting.

As a whole, this meant the marketing team could do their jobs more efficiently, leading to efficiencies throughout the greater organization, allowing the company itself to scale its infrastructure.

Tasks that once took hours for the marketing and account management teams were almost entirely automated. The need for an additional PRM to manage partners was eliminated, saving money and allowing the company to focus resources elsewhere.

Data Enhancement and Streamlined Processes Spikes Conversion Rates

A SaaS provider and longtime Kuno client wanted to improve their inbound conversion rates, while figuring out a way to better report on successes and improve their overall operational efficiencies.

A tall order, to be sure, but one we jumped at.

We conducted an initial audit, which revealed several opportunities for improvement in the RevOps process. In particular, we identified field and form redundancies in their lead capture materials.

So, we came up with solutions for a more streamlined, engaging lead routing experience and ways to make it easier for prospects to submit forms. We reduced the information that was being requested at each stage of the buyer’s journey, we implemented a data enrichment tool on key conversion points and we added hidden fields at the form level for better tracking and attribution.

The impact? A 30% increase in conversion rates without any increase in budget.

Migration to HubSpot Unlocks Opportunities For Time-Saving Automation

An environmental consulting firm had been using a legacy CRM as its primary database for many years, but needed something easier to use with more automation functionality and better reporting abilities.

After a discovery period to learn more about the specific challenges the company was facing and their goals with the new system, we started the process of migrating their system from Quickbase to HubSpot.

We redesigneded their complex data structure and processes and implemented some others – from creating a custom integration for smooth data migration to automating sales and outreach sales pipeline touchpoints – for a better-functioning database set up for scale.

Change management is a critical part of CRM migration projects like this because it reshapes how teams work. So, we also provided training sessions and ongoing support for the team to help them navigate the new system.

The automation alone saves the team about 6.5 hours each day that can be allocated to revenue-driving activities rather than manual administrative work.

RevOps Solutions Designed Custom For You

If you have data, there is more you can do with it. And if you aren’t collecting the right data – you should be. Companies are increasingly looking to get more out of their databases for less friction, faster closing rates, reduced manual tasks and increased revenue.

We’ve been at the forefront of HubSpot and strategic RevOps for more than two decades. And because we’re a full-service marketing company rather than just a revenue operations agency, working with Kuno Creative means working with a team of strategic thinkers across sales and marketing disciplines. From demand generation specialists and content marketers to graphic designers and web developers, each member of your extended team is invested in your success.

Want to learn more about how a custom RevOps solution could help your company accelerate growth and unlock new opportunities? Get in touch today for a complimentary consultation.

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