Beyond Brand Awareness: The Benefits of Video Marketing

What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

By Dave GrendzynskiMay 12 /2022

Should I invest the time and money in video marketing? Will it be worth my energy and efforts in the long run? I’m here to tell you the answer to both of these questions is yes — the benefits of video marketing are well worth the initial investment.

When the topic of video marketing comes up, you’ve likely heard the phrase “video is king”. Well, there’s a good reason for that. All it takes is a scroll of modern websites and social media feeds to see that video now dominates across all platforms. They’re entertaining, easy to digest and often pack a lot of meaningful information into short clips. But the benefits don’t end there.

Beyond brand awareness, the benefits of video marketing include:

  1. A better user experience
  2. A positive return on investment
  3. Influence on purchase decisions
  4. Reaching your target audience
  5. The power to tell your story

Now that you have this list of video marketing benefits in front of you, let’s take a closer look at each of these advantages, and why you should consider video creation if it’s not already part of your digital strategy.

A Better User Experience

At Kuno Creative, we talk a lot about creating the best user experience on every website we design and develop, and videos are an integral part of that equation. More and more people prefer to get their information about a business or product from videos, and research shows that videos are helping to keep people on websites longer.

Why? Simply put, videos are more engaging than other content types. Most people would rather spend a couple of minutes watching a short video about a product or service than reading text. After all, it’s often easier to consume information in a video — and we all like watching TV, right?

Consider the way blogs are written today: to be skimmable. Website visitors tend to quickly scan the contents of a blog post and jump to sections of that post that interest them most. They’ll take headlines and fill in the rest of the story themselves, but if you can hook them with a good video, they’ll be in it until the end (and spend a greater amount of time on your website).

You can also add call to actions at the end of your videos and steer website visitors to another video, or to another page on your site.  

A Positive Return On Investment

A better user experience naturally lends itself to a better return on your video marketing investment. Wyzowl researchers report that marketers are more optimistic than ever about the ROI video provides, with 87% reporting a positive ROI from these efforts. We can see this ROI play out in several ways:

  • 86% of video marketers have seen an improvement in lead generation
  • 81% of video marketers have seen a direct impact on business sales 
  • 94% of video marketers have seen understanding of their products and services improve

If you’re connecting with your target audience on an emotional level and showing them how you can solve their most pressing problems, they will have incentive to engage with your brand (and your solutions) time and time again. 

Influence on Purchasing Decisions

That leads us to the next benefit on our list: video can influence the purchasing decisions of potential buyers. According to researchers at Lemonlight, 94% of surveyed respondents said that tuning into a video has helped empower at least one of their purchase decisions.

Typically, the impact of watching videos comes down to showing someone how your product works (or how easy it is to use) to push them along the buyer’s journey. That’s one of the most effective ways to use video. Instead of telling them how your product can help them, show them. 

Think about it like this: How many times have you started to share a story with someone over the phone, only to stop and say, “it will be easier if I just showed you.” A good video will paint a clearer picture of the story you’re trying to tell, whether the focus is your brand or your product experience.

Reaching Your Target Audience

While video marketing offers a meaningful way to engage with prospects already familiar with your brand, it also gives you a couple of ways to reach a new group of strong potential buyers.

For instance, by adding keywords to the title, description and tags, you can optimize the SEO of a video and boost the likelihood your target audience will find it in relevant video search results. Treat the content around the positioning of your video like you would a keyword-driven blog post where the words that matter the most are brought to the forefront.

Remember that YouTube is also a Google brand. This is a built-in benefit for your organization as your video will also enjoy greater visibility on Google's search engine results page.

Further, keep in mind you can post your video on various social media platforms and implement a demand generation strategy to connect with your ideal audience. As one HubSpot test shows, video ads earned 20% more clicks than their static counterparts.

The Power to Tell Your Story

The bottom line is that video marketing is a powerful form of storytelling. It gives you a platform to share your story in the way only you know how — whether you’re explaining what your company does, how your product works or how your company is making a difference in the community, to name a few examples.

No matter the message you want to communicate, a video lets you do it quickly and accurately, allowing you to best control the message.

And considering that people are twice as likely to share video content with others over blog posts, product pages or social media posts, the story you share is more likely to reach and resonate with a wider audience.

At Kuno Creative, we help clients use video to tell their unique stories in a number of ways, working within all types of budgets to deliver meaningful results. To learn more about how our video marketing team can support your inbound marketing efforts, schedule a consultation.

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