New Sensitive Data Protections Further Open HubSpot to Healthcare

HubSpot and Sensitive Data: New Possibilities for Healthcare Orgs

By Brent SirvioJun 6 /2024

This week, HubSpot announced new functionality within the platform that supports standard sensitive data storage. Now in public beta and available only for Enterprise level HubSpot clients, these updates allow HubSpot users to use the platform in compliance with HIPAA.

HubSpot is now a real option for many healthcare organizations, clinics and hospital networks throughout the United States.

This functionality has been a brass ring for many HubSpot partners; including the team here at Kuno. While we’ve enjoyed tremendous success helping medical device manufacturers and healthcare and related organizations with their digital marketing and sales enablement efforts, we were always limited by regulatory bounds.

With the arrival of sensitive data protections inside the platform, this opens up new frontiers and new possibilities for both prospective and new HubSpot users alike.

While we have worked with healthcare clients to gain successes such as increased customers, brand awareness and revenue, more conventional marketing channels were often limited.

Now, the full suite of Kuno services – marketing strategy, content, demand generation, SEO, WebOps, and as of this month, sales enablement and RevOps – is available to any client with an Enterprise HubSpot plan.

As one of the first-ever HubSpot partners, Kuno Creative is thrilled for these developments. We’re eager to partner with healthcare organizations to help them leverage HubSpot in ways that make life in hospitals, clinics and related entities easier, and to appropriately bridge marketing and business development efforts to facilitate both organizational growth and positive patient experiences.

"HubSpot CRM's new capability to store sensitive data and be HIPAA compliant is a game-changer for the healthcare industry," said Kuno Creative Vice President of Operations Brianne Rush after the announcement on June 4.  "Now, we can help our healthcare clients use HubSpot's tools while keeping patient information secure and private. This update makes it easier for healthcare providers to enhance their marketing and connect better with patients, all in a secure way."

More developments on the sensitive data front are coming, and again, this is a public beta only available to Enterprise HubSpot clients. Learn more about HubSpot’s sensitive data announcement here, and about our success marketing in and around the medical space.

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Brent brings a marketing strategist's perspective and an incisive eye for language to ensure all content deliverables for Kuno's clients are compelling and accurate, adhering to brand guidelines and best practices. Prior to joining Kuno, he held several roles in digital marketing, from web development and support, to account management to HubSpot onboarding and implementation, to content strategy and copyediting. A member of ACES, Brent holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a MA from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN). Sisu.