Kuno Creative | Three HubSpot Accreditations

Kuno Creative Earns Three HubSpot Accreditations

By Matt NagelMar 23 /2023

Kuno Creative was recently recognized for our commitment to client success through earned accreditations in HubSpot Onboarding, HubSpot CRM Implementation and HubSpot Platform Enablement. These accreditations reflect years of experience helping clients achieve their goals leveraging the power of HubSpot.

HubSpot Accreditations vs. Certifications

HubSpot certifications are available for both individuals and organizations to earn through self-directed modules in HubSpot Academy. Accreditations, on the other hand, are for HubSpot partners that drive client success on the HubSpot platform at the highest levels of quality, service and strategic insight. This intensive process requires agency vetting and use case validation within specific, stringent criteria. Not all agencies attain accreditation status, and Kuno is proud to have attained all three accreditations HubSpot currently offers.

Kuno’s Expertise in Action

CRM-Mar-16-2023-07-16-47-7494-PMHubSpot CRM Implementation Accreditation

The HubSpot CRM Implementation Accreditation demonstrates experience successfully delivering large scale, complex implementations of the HubSpot CRM platform. Our prior work with an enterprise-grade international company underscores our commitment to finding the best HubSpot solution for any mid- to enterprise-scale organization.

This global technology client wanted to implement business units, configure teams and permissions and recognized they needed sales enablement training. They were managing the sales process from spreadsheets and it was difficult to standardize processes with sufficient oversight.

The Kuno team immediately saw that HubSpot Business Units would help both the North American and European divisions remain GDPR compliant by providing data partitioning within their HubSpot portal.

By addressing the situation through business unit implementation, Kuno saved the client from needing separate enterprise portals, allowing for better tracking capabilities and saving over $75,000 in annual expenses. Now, this global technology company is able to work from a centralized CRM to improve time spent, effort and tracking — setting them up for success at scale.

onboarding-1HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation 

The HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation validates the skills and experience to successfully onboard new customers to HubSpot. Our team recently helped a national nonprofit scale through HubSpot onboarding.

This organization provides a variety of membership options. Their marketing team needed a way to promote and nurture members to grow into higher membership tiers. They wanted an easy-to-use tool to track, nurture and engage with their varying segments.

As a newer organization, they had no CRM and no way to segment and reach out to members in a targeted way. The experts at Kuno knew that HubSpot provides the best option to address their needs and their audience through segmentation. 

Through comprehensive HubSpot onboarding, Marketing Hub implementation and configuring marketing contacts, coupled with a Zapier platform integration, Kuno enabled the organization to grow and truly manage their membership.

Platform-1HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation 

The HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation solidifies our  proven experience driving high user adoption rates through customized training and change management engagements.

An environmental consulting firm needed help to ease their workload with an organized tech stack and roadmap to a better functioning database.

The client wanted a CRM that was both user-friendly and also boasted simple, powerful automation tools. They wanted to save their team time by taking daily administrative tasks off their plate and letting team members focus on their jobs.

They were using an outdated CRM that was causing confusion and making it difficult for people to do their jobs. Because of this, the firm was accumulating bad data, hampering the functionality they needed to scale their business and meet company goals. Further, they were creating roughly 200 activities across their sales team.

Kuno helped the client migrate to HubSpot CRM. Through training, implementation of a sales process and automation of sales messaging as well as touchpoints throughout the sales pipeline, they now have a database that is configured for scale, and a much easier to use CRM with clear sales processes. This consultancy estimates that HubSpot automation saves about 6.5 hours per day that can be allocated to selling rather than administrative work, positively impacting revenue and margins.

What These Accreditations Mean For You

Working with a HubSpot Accredited partner like Kuno Creative makes a critical difference in understanding, meeting and exceeding your business goals. Our experienced team will evaluate your needs, work with you to tailor solutions through HubSpot that work hard for you, so that you can focus on the big picture.

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