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Just Add Ice Orchids: Brand Experience & Demand Gen Strategies

After rebrand, Just Add Ice
Orchids experiences immediate
& sustained growth

The Company

Grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest, Just Add Ice Orchids are breathtaking décor for the home or work space. Just Add Ice Orchids, including Phalaenopsis and mini orchids, are grown in an environmentally friendly fashion using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and a sustainable heat source.

The Strategy

The Strategy

Kuno Creative began by developing an entirely new brand with a fresh name, logo and website. Once in place, Kuno Creative:

  • Increased brand awareness and brand advocacy among consumers by implementing various content marketing tactics
  • Increased demand generation by creating a customized store locator to help consumers find products closest to them
  • Assisted in aligning sales and marketing team  communications and goals, all to increase sales

Demand For The New Brand

Phalaenopsis orchids were traditionally thought of as difficult to maintain, but Green Circle Grower’s innovative watering method made them easy to care for. They needed a brand name to communicate this.

Kuno Creative tackled the branding and brand awareness issues head-on. By researching the orchid and home décor industries, we developed a strategic brand identity that communicated the beauty and easy maintenance of Green Circle Growers’ orchids: Just Add Ice Orchids. The Just Add Ice Orchids brand encourages an innovative watering method of only three ice cubes per week, per plant, and is committed to introducing new ideas to the marketplace, continuously striving to best serve consumers and the environment.

Under its new name, Just Add Ice Orchids launched an entirely new website on the HubSpot platform. The new design is easy to navigate and features large images of beautiful Just Add Ice
Orchids products. Kuno Creative optimized each webpage to utilize SEO strategies and include calls to action to capture leads.

A customized store locator was added to the new website, helping consumers find and purchase Just Add Ice Orchids products closest to them more efficiently.

The Kuno Creative content marketing team produced a combination of videos and educational and entertaining eBooks, guides and downloads to target new potential consumers who visited the website and capture those visitors as leads.

Social Media Strategies

Kuno Creative strategized new uses for Just Add Ice Orchids social media channels, which included sharing content and spurring overall engagement by holding contests, including the Simply Beautiful an Photo Contest with a Nikon camera grand prize. The ultimate result was a community for orchid lovers and a constant strengthening of brand loyalty. Kuno Creative also implemented Facebook advertising to complement organic reach.

Key Objectives Reached

Increased brand awareness. Boosted website traffic. Increased online purchases and repeat purchases.

Established Industry Experts
industry experts
Amplified Brand Innovation
Amplified brand
Became Go-To Interior Design Resource
Became go-to interior
design resource

Key Numbers

Increase in Online Sales

Online Valentine’s Day sales66% increase YoY

Online Store Visits - 23% increase YoY

Your Personal Guide to Orchid Reblooming Success

Time Period - 4 months

Downloads - 5,700

Annual website traffic Growth

Annual Visits reach 2.7 million

Annual Blog Views Increase

Views - Grew from 0 to 2.3 million

Added 2 New Blogs - Wholesale and DIY Inspiration

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Kuno Creative brainstormed new methods to align sales and marketing teams, effectively strategizing an Annual Consumer Report. The Just Add Ice Orchids sales team defined survey questions used to create the Consumer Report, and the marketing team addressed concerns expressed by retailers and other consumers to develop overall strategy and email marketing communications. The Just Add Ice retail partnership experienced significant growth following the implementation of the Annual Consumer Report.

Website Popularity

Over the course of several years, Kuno Creative has designed and made insight driven updates to three Just Add Ice’s websites. The most recently redesigned inbound marketing website along with an added eCommerce section has since grown in traffic 17% year-over-year to 2.7 million visits while their Orchid Care blog has grown 33% year-over-year to 2.3 million views.


The Bottom Line

Since the initial launch of the new brand and website, Kuno Creative has grown demand for additional JustAddIce products, including anthuriums, bromeliads and money tree plants.

The Kuno team did this by creating a series of blogs, care videos, interactive web pages, and home decor look books. A greater emphasis on keyword research and SEO improvements resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic and new buyers who found the site via search. Kuno also used marketing automation to nurture buyers from the Shopify site, sharing care resources with them and encouraging repeat business. A greater emphasis on gift-giving has also contributed to an increase in holiday-related purchases.



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