Make Your Social Media Videos Stand Out With These Platforms

Make Your Social Media Videos Stand Out With These Platforms

By Dave GrendzynskiMar 7 /2019

The popularity of social media videos continues to grow. Facebook researchers predict by 2021, one million minutes of video content will be viewed on Facebook every second. Researchers from Intel and Ovum worked together to determine where social media video marketing is headed, and the study revealed video will account for 90 percent of all 5G traffic in the next 10 years.

It’s no secret video is important to any marketing campaign, and having the right platforms for producing and hosting video will help it stand out among the competition.

Businesses that don’t use video now are already at a disadvantage. And in the coming years, if you don’t have video on your website, it could be a deal breaker for a large number of internet users. They will demand and expect video to answer questions and provide the information they need. In fact, a recent study found 71 percent of consumers consider Facebook Video Ads as “relevant.” Researchers also say Facebook video ad views continue to increase.

If you’re going to use video to increase your online engagement and website visitors, you’re going to need some tools. But first, consider your strategy.

What Is Your Video Marketing Strategy?

The type of video you’re trying to create may dictate the platform you’re going to use to create it. You may want to make a video using still pictures or animation. Or maybe your video will be graphics-heavy. Some social media video platforms work better for one and not the other.

Then there’s the reason you’re making the video in the first place. Social Media Today identifies four ways social media videos can benefit your business:

  • Engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Generating excitement or educating people about your product

You can also use social media videos to share success stories or testimonials. Using graphics and images, you can point out key statistics and how your marketing helped to make a difference. Or use a quick sound bite of someone singing your praises.

Keeping your video content focused can help you reach your marketing goals. So let’s look at some platforms we have discovered that can be helpful if you need a quick turnaround.

3 Great Platforms For Social Media Videos


Shakr is one of the leading social media video-production platforms for Facebook marketers. It makes creating videos easy by allowing you to:

  • Choose from more than 2,000 video designs
  • Drag and drop the elements into the template
  • Add unique details about your brand

You can make engaging videos about your product in as little as five minutes. Check out some featured videos created using the platform here.

If you’re hoping to post videos on Facebook, you can do so with limited resources and a little imagination. Shakr even has the case studies to prove it.


For more advanced video needs, there is no social media channel VidMob can’t handle. Whether you’re looking to add something to your YouTube channel, a Twitter video, Instagram or even Snapchat, the VidMob platform has a variety of examples to get your creative juices flowing—and all the resources you need to make it happen. 

Facebook Video Creation Kit

Facebook has even created its own tool to make it easier for you to post social media videos. Their Video Creation Kit gives you the power to turn your existing image and text assets into mobile-optimized videos. You can post them to your feed or as stories on Facebook and Instagram.

These new tools adapt to the device where people are watching videos the most: their phones. That doesn’t mean your options are limited. Facebook recommends using the Creation Kit to produce a variety of videos related to your product.

Each of the styles allows for different lengths. You can create a six-second video or a 15-second video. We tested out the Video Creation Kit to make six-second awareness videos for some of our clients.

HubSpot Video

It’s a little more engaging than posting just a picture, but it shows you how much you can get done in just six seconds. This video generated more than 2,000 views and nearly 200 engagements in its first month alone. Not bad for six seconds of work.

Make Social Media Videos Part of Your Strategy

Remember, almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube alone each day, so you’ll have to be ready to set your videos up for use across all the social networks. If you want to maximize your chances of being found by a search engine or shared across multiple platforms, focus on building video experiences that connect people. Tell a story that elicits emotion.

These examples should illustrate that you don’t need a live video or a long-form piece to make your social media videos stand out. You can create effective video content as short as six seconds! Whether it’s a short Boomerang or a 60-second how-to-video, it’s critical to include video on all of your social channels.

But it goes beyond video views. If you have the right tools, it will help you save more time. And create better content, faster. There are roughly three billion people using social media. What’s even more astounding is that that number continues to grow. Why would you want to alienate yourself from such a large audience?

These are some easy-to-use resources if you need help creating videos. They’re tools for “do-it-yourselfers” who need to make a video fast. But if you want a cohesive digital marketing strategy, contact Kuno Creative. You can start by visiting our Video Marketing Services page.

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