Want to Steal Our SEO Keyword Strategy? Here It Is

Want to Steal Our SEO Keyword Strategy? Here It Is

By Carrie DagenhardFeb 19 /2016

SEO_keyword_strategy.jpgOver the past decade, search engine optimization experts have released some pretty conflicting “best practices” and, for most businesses, it can be difficult to keep up. Some marketers advocate using keywords as much as possible while others suggest ignoring keywords altogether. Who’s right? And furthermore, what actually works?

Here at Kuno Creative, we’re constantly fine-tuning our SEO keyword strategy to find the optimum balance between increasing search engine visibility while also creating content that’s interesting, enjoyable and helpful.

To help you develop your own successful strategy, we’re sharing our internal 2016 Keyword Guide. Check out the SlideShare below to learn how Kuno uses keywords and what you need to create content both search engines and your buyer personas will love. 

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Carrie Dagenhard

Carrie is a seasoned content strategist who worked as a department editor and music journalist before making her foray into inbound marketing as a content analyst. Carrie works hard at crafting the perfect content strategy for clients and using her hard-hitting journalism skills to tell your brand’s unique story.