How To Ensure Your Video Content Is In The Right Place

How To Ensure Your Video Content Is In The Right Place

By Dave GrendzynskiOct 1 /2020

It’s a classic conundrum: You have some video content that you’d like to share with your target audience, but you’re not exactly sure where to post it. It’s a question a lot of video marketers ask because a great video in the wrong spot won’t do you much good, but the answer is typically right in front of you.

The first to think about is the response that you’re trying to achieve. There are a number of different reasons for which you may be creating videos, including:

  • To position your brand or build brand awareness
  • To demonstrate a new product or service
  • To educate a market

You’ll also want to decide what metrics you’ll use to judge if you have achieved your goal. In other words, what will tell you that the video is a success? This way, if it isn’t performing the way you want it to, you can move it somewhere else to see if it gets traction.

It’s already hard to churn out videos, but it’s a lot harder to make sure your content resonates for the right reasons. Hopefully, you can avoid all of that by understanding where to post your videos based on their purpose. So, let’s take a look at some of the common videos marketers produce and where to put them, to help you find the right audience every time.

Where To Post Brand Awareness Videos

The use of videos is one of the most powerful ways to raise awareness. Done correctly, they entertain, educate and inspire. You want your video to grab someone’s attention (preferably a lead) and make them aware of your brand. You don't want to get too heavy with selling yet, but you do want to engage your audience.

Awareness videos are typically not well suited to product pages or landing pages as these are typically vehicles for conversion. But it really works well on a homepage or on social media. Why? Because your homepage video presents a unique opportunity to engage with your viewers, showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Here’s an example of what I mean. It’s a video we produced for North Ohio Heart/Ohio Medical Group:

It gives you a clear idea of what types of services they provide and where.

And what better way to share an engaging and inspiring awareness video than on your social media channels?


According to HubSpot, Facebook continues to make a compelling case for uploading your videos natively to the platform — the primary reason being that your content will be seen by more eyes.

Brand awareness videos that are light-hearted and entertaining tend to perform well on Facebook for this very reason – its algorithm takes into account a user's previous video-related actions when determining what videos to show them on subsequent visits.


Instagram can also help you grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. 70% of Instagram users have spent time searching for a brand on the platform.


Think of YouTube as a giant library of video content where people go to either educate themselves or to be entertained. YouTube reports over 1 billion unique users per month. So, if you're purely seeking some broad brand awareness, YouTube could be an awesome channel for you.

If you have a video that does a great job of sharing your mission and/or vision, share it on social media, and see what type of engagement you can drum up!

Where Should Product Videos Go?

The obvious answer for where your product videos should go is on a product/service page or landing page. You can build an entire page around it because product videos describe how your product will help your audience by demonstrating what problems it can help them solve.

An example of this is the video we produced for iCONN and its new “Wet Mate Connector.”

HubSpot Video

You can also post a product video to your brand’s social media newsfeed to reach new audiences, or you could download your video and add it to your online store.

Email marketing is still one of the strongest drivers of sales conversions because you’re marketing to warm leads in the consideration stage. By using your video content in your email marketing, you can provide more value to convince your customers to say “yes” and give you a chance.

The Best Places For Educational Videos

Whether it’s an “explainer” video, a “how-to” video, or an unboxing of your product, think of the tremendous opportunity video affords you for visual education. This is your chance to show your audience what they need to see.

These videos are great for social media (especially YouTube), or a website page (like your company profile page). This is also another great opportunity to email your targeted audience directly to give them the opportunity to watch the video.

Here’s a video we did for “Safe-T-Cover” that explains how its hot box enclosures are made.

Of course, what your education looks like depends on the product or service you offer. For a product, this could include demonstrations whereas with a service this could be an explanation of the process.

A Video Content Decision Chart

Here’s something you can reference the next time you’re looking for the perfect place to put your video content. You can skim this chart to give you a better idea of where it may fit:

Video-Content-Decision-Chart NEW

Have A Detailed Video Marketing Plan

Deciding on the proper video platform is a critical part of any video marketing strategy. People watch videos all of the time, but to ensure they’re seeing your video content, it needs to be in the right place at the right time.

Having a dedicated video marketing team by your side can help. A digital marketing agency that can produce and optimize your video content is invaluable. You’ll know that every video you post will achieve more visibility within search engines. This means crafting a keyword-dense website page that speaks to the content of your video in the headers, subheads, alt text, meta description, and unique page URL.

To learn more about our video marketing services and other strategies that can help get your videos noticed, check out our video marketing page.

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