Why HubSpot? It's the Right Software for Marketing and Sales

Why HubSpot? It's the Right Software for Marketing and Sales

By Cali ThomsonJan 11 /2017

hubspot-software-for-marketing-and-sales.pngTo create a meaningful connection between marketing and sales, you need to deploy the right software.

If you don’t, your inbound marketing efforts will be fragmented and disconnected, making it difficult to create meaningful connections between key pieces of data that inform your strategy.

Marketing could begin to feel overwhelmed and inadequate in their efforts to deliver ROI, and sales may begin to feel frustrated with the lack of communication and unqualified leads entering their pipeline.

Choosing the right software is essential to inbound marketing and sales cohesion. But you may not know where to start or how to choose the right platform for your business.

Here are several reasons why we believe in HubSpot as the top contender.

Everything In One Place

Some automation apps claim to be a comprehensive marketing solution, but so often fall short and leave marketing teams scratching their heads because of this disconnect. The missing pieces then need to be identified and addressed, which might mean purchasing additional software or developing and integrating a bespoke solution. This could be costly and time-consuming.

Social media, blogging performance, personalization, A/B testing—these are the key pieces that define the buyer’s journey. If this information isn’t at your fingertips and you’re forced to use multiple platforms to oversee and measure each, your software is shortchanging you.

HubSpot is known for being feature-rich. You can use it to manage your website, optimize content, manage email outreach and promote via social media. It will also offer tips on how to improve your search rankings and get better leads. HubSpot even markets its solution as a comprehensive software stack for marketing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM).

In addition, it makes it easy to track visitors, nurture leads and contact them at the right time in the sales funnel. And, of course, it tracks your results, making it easy to review and analyze data. As a marketer, you want to ensure that marketing dollars are being spent wisely, and with HubSpot, you’ll be able to identify trends and challenges on the horizon.

HubSpot is a:

  • CRM platform. It offers a way to track all your contacts and deals in a simple, uncomplicated way. This gives you complete control over your sales funnel, which brings sales and marketing into alignment.
  • Marketing platform. It’s an all-in-one marketing solution that allows you to optimize, measure and automate many aspects of your online marketing—landing pages, SEO-friendly blog posts, email campaigns and workflows, contextual content and more.
  • Sales platform. Prospect activity is tracked automatically within HubSpot. Sales can confidently follow up with prospects while they’re warm.

Does your software give you access to everything in one place? If not, you can expect to pay more for solutions that may not even sync or talk to one another.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

HubSpot is intuitive and easy to use. Lead management and nurturing can quickly become a cumbersome and intensive process in any business, but marketing automation simplifies these important processes. If you do run into problems, customer service is responsive and ready to help.

It seems like common sense, but if your marketing is efficient, you can get more done. When you have less manual work to do, you can dedicate more time to important business objectives instead of putting out fires and trying to fix things that aren’t working.

Most salespeople don’t want to spend a lot of time learning complicated software that bogs them down and makes their job more frustrating than it needs to be. They’ll abandon systems that don’t work. You need to furnish them with a platform that makes their life easier and provides them with the data they need.

Training and Certifications

While HubSpot is extremely user-friendly, it also offers training and certifications. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, you can take advantage of their resources to get up to speed or refine your existing skills.

hubspot-academy.pngIf you were comparing two different platforms, and they offered the same features, you might have a hard time deciding between the two. But what if one had more support, documentation and help than the other? Wouldn’t it make sense to go with the one that offers more information to help you along when you need it?  

After all, if you hit a snag or run into problems, you’ll look for answers to your questions. If the answers aren’t there, or if you can’t get in touch with support, it’s just going to slow things down and cause you more frustration. A well-used, admired software always has a larger community and support around it.


Integration is often taken for granted. You expect your smartphone to sync with your contacts and calendar. And you expect your shopping cart to connect to your email marketing software. Unfortunately, some tools and apps just don’t play nice together, no matter how hard you try to make them connect.

HubSpot boasts a wide selection of integrations: WordPress, Zendesk, GoToWebinar, SurveyMonkey, Wistia, FreshBooks, Salesforce, Leadpages, Zapier and many others. It integrates with most CRMs and e-commerce shopping carts, too.

What this means is that if you decide to add HubSpot to your stable of apps, you may not have to alter your existing software stack, particularly if you already like what you’re using. That’s a relief.

Finding the Right Software for marketing and sales 

The marketing automation space is jammed with different platforms. But based on the criteria we’ve explored, finding a better solution than HubSpot could prove difficult.

What are your favorite features and benefits of HubSpot? Share in the comment section below!

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