13 Tips to Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing Career

13 Tips to Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing Career

By Vanessa KnipperSep 13 /2013
jump start your inbound marketing career

Inbound is still a relatively new methodology for marketers across the industry and particularly for new grads or those searching for a change in career path. Whether you are advancing in your career, looking for a vertical move, or starting at an entry level position, here are 13 tips to help you prepare for the interview process and land a job faster in Inbound Marketing. 

1.) Research.

This one is a given, but surprisingly often overlooked. Make sure to learn everything you can about the company you’re interviewing with and demonstrate your knowledge of such. Review the company website and particularly the Services section to understand what exactly we do. Check out the About Us or Our Team page to see what types of roles exist across the company. You may even see a role that would be more fitting for you to move into in your future career, or perhaps a role to aspire toward. Interview Tip: Ask your interviewer about career path advancement opportunities.

2.) Study up on Inbound Marketing.

Help us help you by knowing what the basic methodology is for what we do. Here is a link that features a download for probably any question you ever had regarding Inbound Marketing, and here is anotherInterview Tip: Get Inbound Certified in advance.

3.) Subscribe to industry news.

Subscribing to industry publications and blogs in your particular area of interest will help you stay in-the-know on trends, news and updates, and will also offer talking points in your pre-interview or interview. Don't forget to subscribe to your potential new employer's blog.

4.) Have an active blog or other writing outlet.

Get yourself a WordPress blog or use another blogging platform to write about things that interest you, therefore demonstrating your writing skills and the fact you are digitally active. Even if your blog is about your travel stories or your favorite sports team, it's a bonus when interviewing for a position that is rooted in content marketing.

5.) Demonstrate your social media savvy.

Sign up and experiment with all of the top social networks and build your reach. Demonstrate that you know how to use social media for brands and interests (other than the fact that you use Facebook along with 1 billion other people). Think about how you can differentiate your skills in the social arena, such as how you grow your reach or having a particularly good reaction to your posts.

6.) Reach out and connect.

Like your potential employer on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to see the type of content we're sharing in social media. If you do not have a Twitter account, create one and start using it because you may be tweeting for brands in your role and consulting on social media strategy. This should be a professional account where you post articles, blogs and thoughts on your business interests. And don’t be afraid to connect with your potential employer or future co-workers on LinkedIn. Interview Tip: Mention something you enjoyed or found interesting about the shared content—“I watched your YouTube video about…” “I like the valuable content you share on Facebook...” 

7.) Be analytically-minded.

Whether you're applying for a role in writing, design or account management, the success of Inbound efforts is measurable in nearly every aspect. Interview Tip: Demonstrate you have knowledge regarding measurable results, particularly a solid understanding of ROI and standard web metrics.

8.) Share your success stories.

Even if you're starting at an entry-level position and have limited experience, you surely have been part of some marketing success, whether it be in college or through an internship. Did you create an outstanding video for a club or organization you are a member of or volunteer for? Show us. Did you champion a marketing internship with a measurable result? Tell us the story.

9.) Be aware of thought leaders and learn from them.

Study content from thought leaders in the marketing, PR and social media industry. Read books. Here's a great list of Inbound Marketing blogs to follow. And download free guides, eBooks and whitepapers to familiarize yourself with and get inspired by digital marketing experts.

10.) Network.

While that executive golf-buddy of your Dad’s might not hand you a job, he may get you in the door for an interview. Get recommendations on LinkedIn and share posts related to your professional interest. Ask your friends and family members to make an introduction for you. You may even ask for an informal chat with someone from the company you’re interested in working for, regarding types of Inbound Marketing roles that exist.

11.) Ask questions.

If you're just getting your feet wet, a preliminary informational interview may keep you on the radar to be considered when a fitting position becomes available. It’s never too early to reach out to someone in the industry and ask questions about what we do, what our challenges are, and what types of skills are needed to be successful in an Inbound Marketing career.

12.) Be passionate about your pitch. 

Relay your interest in the job. Smile. Be forthcoming about why you want the job. Think about what inspires you and what makes you want to have a career in Inbound Marketing.

13.) Be assertive.

A thank you card may not be your ticket to winning the job, but it never hurts to follow up after your interview. Candidates that are eager to land the job always follow up to reaffirm their interest in the position. And while handwritten notes are a nice touch, don't be afraid to just send a quick email.

If Inbound Marketing is something you’re truly passionate about, you’re already a step in the right direction. 

Do you have any tips to add for recent grads and anyone transitioning to a new role in Inbound Marketing? Please share them with us in the comments!

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