Looking to improve your marketing campaigns and branding? New ideas.

Looking to improve your marketing campaigns and branding? New ideas.

By Chris KnipperOct 15 /2009


It’s a lot like writer’s block.  Your company provides a needed product or service, your team is sharp and motivated, but you’ve hit a wall.  It’s a frustrating time, but there are a few simple steps you can take to begin regaining your marketing edge and finding new ideas. 
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. Do some exploring.  Find examples of logos, graphics or design and how they are executed in marketing materials.  These don’t necessarily have to be from your own industry.  In fact, characteristics of effective branding from other industries might be exactly what’s missing in your own. 
Reevaluate your message.  Brand marketing agencies can be particularly helpful in this arena since you might not have drilled down to your core brand proposition until you begin designing your brochure or mailer.  Experienced branding agencies can also serve as a sounding board or test market for your new ideas. 
Show Your Relevance. 
Has your reason for reaching out to your audience always been clear and relevant?  “To get new business” is not a reason for you to reach out any more than “To provide someone with business” is a reason for someone to read your brochure.  Specificity and relevance then will be key. 
Show why you’re different from other campaigns or companies.  Then determine why your target audience is interested in what you have to say.  If necessary, send out preliminary feelers or surveys to satisfied clients to determine where interests and needs lie.  Brand marketing agencies can provide these services for you, as well as more involved market research such as paneling. 
Expect Effective Multimedia from Branding Agencies. 
Remember that some people are more visual learners, while others need words to understand you.  Strong brand marketing agencies understand the different ways that people learn and retain information.  Using a well-thought-out combination of communication forms will help you to reach as many potential audiences as possible.  
While the latest media or technological trend is a tempting lure for branding agencies and clients alike, multimedia shouldn’t be utilized for its own sake.  Graphic design, animation, sound and other communication forms should reinforce the core message—your core message—rather than distract from it. 
Any one of these steps has the potential to open up a whole new set of possibilities for your brand, your marketing and your company.  They can help you break through the wall. 

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Chris Knipper

Chris founded Kuno in 2000 as a traditional marketing and branding agency and has since grown it into a leading global digital marketing agency that’s helped hundreds of companies accelerate their growth. With a background in sales, marketing and technology, Chris is on the frontline of creativity, pushing the limits of what our clients can achieve.