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Invacare Case Study

Background & Goals

Ohio-based manufacturer Invacare makes medical equipment for the home and long-term care markets. Invacare hired Kuno Creative to create and manage branding, content marketing and lead nurturing campaigns for its line of respiratory therapy products.

Invacare Case Study

Invacare launched an integrated, multi-channel campaign for its line of portable oxygen concentrators. The products—including the Invacare XPO2, SOLO2 and HomeFill® Oxygen System—use Invacare’s patented Sensi-Pulse technology, offering those suffering from respiratory ailments a customized range of options.

The most common type of respiratory ailment that leads to oxygen concentrator usage is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a progressive lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. Kuno worked with Invacare’s marketing team to develop an innovative strategy centered around educating patients and physicians about COPD. The idea was to create a web-based community for COPD patients, their caregivers and their physicians. The comprehensive strategy included branding, website development, content production, social media marketing and paid advertising, with the ultimate goal of generating consumer demand and driving new business to regional stores that stock Invacare products.


The Kuno Creative team created an entirely new brand for the Invacare campaign. The branding included new logos, graphics and an all-new website, “Do More With Oxygen” was built with COPD sufferers in mind and functions as a community where COPD patients, their caregivers and their respiratory therapists or physicians can find blog posts, tip sheets and eBooks with updated, relevant information about living with COPD.

One of the community’s primary characteristics was its reliance on educational— rather than product-centric—content. Kuno Creative’s in-house journalists interviewed clinicians, patients and medical experts to create a deep, rich collection of authentic, accurate content. In a highly regulated industry like medical device manufacturing, this professional approach to content creation is key.

The Do More With Oxygen website featured landing pages geared toward several different buyer personas. Each landing page contained a form that, once the user filled it out, led to a relevant piece of content. COPD patients filled out the form to receive eBooks like “Travelling with Oxygen Made Easy,” while their caregivers received eBooks like “Living with COPD: A Caregiver’s Guide.” Site visitors who filled out forms were entered into Hubspot’s database, at which point customized email campaigns were created to nurture those leads until they were ready to convert into sales.


The Do More With Oxygen website was integrated with other strategic efforts, including a Facebook page, pay-per-click ads and paid social media advertisements. This multi-channel effort drove traffic to the landing pages at a far faster pace than what would have otherwise transpired. In the first 8 months of the campaign, the following statistics were recorded:

  • Website Traffic: +54,000
  • Raw Leads: +1,200
    8 months after the site launched, it received 1581 visits from direct traffic, 2,055 visits from paid search, 1625 visits from email marketing and 1936 visits from social media and 708 visits from organic search.
  • Website traffic increase: + 36%
The content Kuno created also enjoyed significantly high conversion rates. Some examples include:
    • “Staying Healthy with COPD”: 47% conversion rate
    • “COPD 101”: 43% conversion rate


The lead nurturing campaigns created around Do More With Oxygen have also shown significant results. A lead nurturing campaign geared toward respiratory therapists had a click-through-rate of 36% and another campaign created around the “COPD 101” guide had a 22% CTR.