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Axis|SybronEndo Case Study

Background & Goals

Orange County, CA-based Axis|SybronEndo (www.sybronendo.com) manufactures endodontic instruments and dental supplies. Parent company, Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR), hired Kuno Creative to create and manage content marketing, lead nurturing and marketing campaigns for Axis|SybronEndo using the HubSpot platform.

In early 2013, Axis|SybronEndo launched an integrated marketing campaign for its new product, TFTM Adaptive, an endodontic file instrument that uses a patented technology to allow faster, more accurate root canal preparations. Working with the Axis|SybronEndo marketing team, Kuno developed top-funnel and mid-funnel downloads to be used in content marketing and demand generation campaigns. The idea was to attract dentists as new leads and nurture them into customers using marketing automation. Combined with print advertising campaigns published in leading dental journals, the goal of the digital marketing effort was to drive qualified TF Adaptive leads and sales from both existing customers and new contacts in the industry.



The Kuno Creative team created a top-funnel downloadable guide titled “Improve Your Root Canal Preparations With Adaptive Motion Technology” by interviewing Axis|SybronEndo product managers and technical writers. By keeping the guide educational rather than promotional, the download attracted endodontists with an overview of the technology and how it helps to solve some of the biggest challenges they face in root canal preparation—without being overly product-centric. Kuno then prepared an optimized email campaign by A/B testing email content to subsets of existing leads and an external list of dentists with the top-funnel download offer. The offer was also promoted via calls-to-action on the website, Facebook promoted posts and a TF Adaptive microsite designed to capture leads from industry journal advertisements.

Doctors who downloaded the guide entered into a lead nurturing campaign featuring additional information on Adaptive Motion Technology, TF Adaptive technical specifications and an in-depth review by a well-known, independent dentist. This strategy was designed to gradually inform leads about the benefits of the product and to help them reach a purchase decision at their own pace. At each step of the campaign, leads were presented with an opportunity to immediately reach out to a sales rep for a demonstration of TF Adaptive if they were ready to take the next step.


During the first month of the TF Adaptive campaign, primary sales and marketing KPIs increased dramatically compared to previous months:

  • Website Traffic: +42%
  • Raw Leads: +508%
  • Marketing Qualified Leads: +283%
  • Sales Qualified Leads: +631%
  • New Demonstration Requests: 421
  • New Customers: 55

The results show substantial contributions from each of the channels used (email, website and blog calls-to-action, social media and print advertising). The campaign would not have been as effective if any of the channels had been neglected. Many of the new demonstration requests came from early and intermediate steps in the lead nurturing campaign, effectively reducing the sales cycle. The campaign is ongoing and is expected to continue to drive both qualified leads and new sales to the bottom line for Axis|SybronEndo.


This case study shows the dramatic results a single integrated online/offline campaign can deliver for a well-designed Go-To-Market Strategy. In a single month, Axis|SybronEndo was able to exceed the total number of qualified leads and new sales opportunities generated by digital marketing during the entirety of the year. Axis|SybronEndo and Kuno are carrying this success forward with new campaigns for TF Adaptive and other products.

Vice President of Global Marketing, Robert Guyatt, said this about the project: “Recent research indicates 57 percent of digital engagement with desired customers is preceded by a print interaction. Our lead generation efforts with Kuno Creative grew exponentially once we designed and executed an integrated, multi-channel Go-To-Market strategy.”

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