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The 21st Century CMO Playbook

See what it takes to think like a next generation marketing leader.

As a 21st century CMO, you’re expected to be a data wizard, a master strategist and a bit of a fortune teller, anticipating the next big trends before your competitorsIt’s a tall order, but there’s a reason you’ve made it this far.

We want to eliminate some of the guesswork and inspire you to set the trends, rather than just following them.

Meet Mike Walsh, a marketing visionary who makes his living predicting the future.

In The 21st Century CMO Playbook, Mike and the Kuno Creative team offer 10 bold, insightful moves you need to make this year to succeed.

You’ll discover:

  • How to center your business model around data
  • What it means to think like a media company
  • How to rethink the traditional sales funnel
  • Which marketing metrics matter most
  • Why you should be investing in programmatic marketing

...and much more.

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