Paid Social Ads Case Study

How Fujifilm Increased New Contacts by 259%

By Lara Nour EddineSep 30 /2021

Having a marketing partner that knows your brand and is with you as it grows and changes can make all the difference. Case in point: Fujifilm instax Australia and Kuno.

Kuno and Fujifilm had a long partnership, assisting with product launches, website refreshes, global campaigns, sponsorships, competitions and events that positively impacted the community.

So, when Fujifilm needed to increase its contact database and attract targeted audiences through social media platforms, it turned to Kuno for help.

Here’s how Kuno helped Fujifilm increase its contacts by 259% using HubSpot, demand gen and paid social ads.

Generating New Leads for the instax Camera

Fujifilm’s instax camera is compact, stylish and portable. The camera is designed to attract younger users with its colors and shapes and ability to instantly print and share photos. Fujifilm Australia wanted to increase awareness of these cameras among certain demographics.

To get the Fujifilm team the leads they needed, the Kuno team used a combination of demand gen and paid social ads. The paid social ads contained static images and video and were used on Facebook and Instagram.

The Kuno team created ads that would appeal to each of Fujiflim’s six buyer personas:

  • Travelers
  • Parents
  • Social butterflies
  • Creatives
  • Kids
  • Teens

Because we researched our target personas and created buyer journeys, we knew these primary personas were most active on Facebook and Instagram.

The Strategy

The Kuno team worked with Fujifilm to create a contest campaign. A winner was chosen out of subscribers to receive over $350 worth of prizes and an additional prize to give to a friend. Our team recommended the friend prize add-on to go with the campaign’s message of giving. To promote this, we created 12 ads. We launched one ad initially with the other 11 following five days later.

The Results

That first ad resulted in 500 leads in 12 hours. After three and a half weeks, the campaign brought in over 13,000 new contacts.

Fujifilm’s Facebook page also got over 500 new likes and its posts reached over 600,000 people, up 65% from before the campaign.

The campaign was so successful because, in part, Kuno went beyond providing itemized solutions. Because most of our clients, like Fujifilm, work with us for years, we were able to offer new ways to find new users in the market, target them and pair well-crafted messaging with imagery to pique their interest.

To read more about how this campaign worked, check out the full paid social ads case study.

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Lara Nour Eddine
The Author

Lara Nour Eddine

With years of experience as a brand journalist, Lara shifted roles within Kuno to manage client relationships as an account manager. She puts her storytelling skills to use from her journalism days to help develop a big-picture strategy for clients and to execute tactics that best achieve results. Lara has worked in journalism and public relations. She also serves as an adjunct professor.